Average price of breast implants

Price of breast implants

Breast augmentation price includes the surgeon’s fee, facility, anaesthesia and the implant cost – saline or silicone.

Breast augmentation with saline implants cost generally about $6000 and with silicone implants about $7500 for all the parts I mentioned above.

Be mindful that when you call different offices you may only be quoted the surgeon’s fee which may sound really low until you actually go in for a consultation – so always ask what the quoted fee includes.

Any significantly low price in your area should raise a red flag about the qualifications of the surgeon – make sure they are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have privileges to perform breast augmentation at a respected local hospital.

Those two questions are the most important so that you can eventually compare apples to apples. (Bahram Ghaderi, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation Prices

Prices vary from state to state. Breast Augmentation in your area averages from $5000 for Saline and $7000 and up for Silicone.

In Miami, prices average around $2500 for Saline and $3200 for Silicone. Also, choosing bigger implants will not affect the cost of the surgery. (Mel T. Ortega, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Average price Of A Breast Augmentation

Average price of breast implants in Australia

A straight-forward breast augmentation, not requiring a dual plane mastopexy and not requiring liposuction of axillary breast or a true lift, should cost in the neighborhood of $6,800 – $8,500 in Hawaii.

The tax and anesthesia are extra. Choosing a Board Certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in breast augmentations reduces the chances of a redo, and therefore lessens the overall potential cost.

Therefore, selecting the right plastic surgeon can cost you less money in the long run. Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery means the surgeon has been tested by his or her professors and they allowed him or her to sit for the Boards because the professors deem them safe to do plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, and especially breast augmentation, requires an eye, a hand, and a heart. By that I mean, the eye implies artistic understanding of what looks good.

Average price of breast implants in California

The hand implies technical ability to accomplish what the artistic eye requires. The heart means the surgeon truly cares, not only about the technical outcome, but about the patient’s satisfaction. The cost of a breast augmentation has to be balanced with the quality of the outcome. Choose your plastic surgeon well. If you do, he or she will be worth the cost. (S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS, Honolulu Plastic Surgeon)

Average price of breast implants Montreal

The cost of this procedure is quite variable across Canada and even within a large city like Montreal. Breast implants can cost from $5000.00 – $10,000.00, including all fees and taxes, depending on the choice of saline vs. silicone gel, hospital setting vs. private clinic and of course the experience of the surgeon. Some clinics, including ours, offer financing plans. (Arie Benchetrit, MD, Montreal Plastic Surgeon)

Average price of Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach will vary

Average price of breast implants in illinois

Average price of breast implants in Newport Beach will vary. You can find pricing varying from $3000 to $9000 for saline implants and $4000 to $10,000 for silicone implants.

There are so many variables that will determine the costs. Some of the things you should consider before choosing your plastic surgeon is:

  1. Is your surgeon a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS.org or ABMS.org)
  2. Is your procedure being performed in an accredited operating suite?
  3. Is your procedure being performed by an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist? This should help you narrow your search.

Average price of breast implants 2015

Following this, you will still find that costs will vary. Every surgeon has determined what they feel is appropriate for their expertise and time performing this procedure and taking care of you following the procedure. Go in for several consultations and determine who you are most comfortable with and then make your choice. (Sanjay Grover, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

It depends on the surgeon and where you have the procedure done. Different areas of the country vary in terms of the surgeon fee as well as the facility fee. It also depends if you get silicone or saline implants or the newly approved shaped silicone implants.

Average price of breast implants in NY

The shaped implants are the most expensive and the saline are the least expensive. Definitely be wary of costs that seem to be a bargain.

Remember that Breast Augmentation is surgery. Would you pick your heart surgeon because he or she was the least expensive? I hope not! (Ellen A. Janetzke, MD, Birmingham Plastic Surgeon)

Newport Beach breast augmentation cost from $5050 (saline) to $7500 (silicone)

Average price of breast implants 2016

Average price of breast implants varies according to the type of implant used, as well as the zip code in which the operation is scheduled. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest price, consider carefully all the components. The surgical package usually includes the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, implants and anesthesia.

“Hidden” costs such as labwork, medications etc. can add up, especially if you don’t have health insurance to cover prescriptions. Be an informed consumer and consult 2-3 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area before deciding. Breast implants are a life-time commitment. The average woman will have 1-2 other surgeries related to their implants, because of deflation, size change, breast lifts, etc. These subsequent surgeries can be facilitated by having an excellent first operation. In my Newport Beach based practice, the surgical package and post op visits for first time breast augmentation ranges from $5050 (saline) to $7500 (silicone).

Good luck, but don’t be pennies-wise and compromise your health. (Lavinia K. Chong, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)