Breast implant shapes and sizes

Breast Implant Sizers are a big help during a consultation

During consultations in my office, I make several measurements of the patient’s chest and breasts, and I assess the skin and tissue quality. Then the patient uses implant sizers inside a light surgical bra and a tank top to determine the size she likes. As long as the size is appropriate for the measurements I made, we can use that size.

Otherwise, we have a discussion about better matches for her body and the risks of exceeding what her anatomy can handle. (Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS, Abington Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

When you choose your breast implant size, there should be an open discussion with you and your plastic surgeon. He should be aware of your anatomy, your current measurements and size, and know what range is appropriate for your shape, height, and weight.

In our plastic surgery office in Jacksonville, we ask the patient to try on a fitting bra and various size implants, so that the patient has some realtime input of what the various sizes look like.

This ensures the surgeon and patient are all on the same page and that the final result does not disappoint. (Ankit Desai, MD, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon)

How to choose the correct breast implant size

This is a question I am asked every day in my San Francisco Bay Area practice. As for a size of breast go, there is no one “right” answer.

Breast implant shapes and sizes images

There is always a range of sizes that are acceptable and a smaller range that is optimal. It is very important that you as the patient has an opinion on what the right size for you is. Most my patients are looking for a proportional result, but some want smaller and some want larger. (Joseph Mele, MD, Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon)

Three critical things to help you choose best possible implant size for your body

First of all, choose a cosmetic surgeon with experience in breast surgery, and preferably someone who has operated on someone you know.

Second, try to communicate your desires and expectations as clearly as possible. We use imaging and also have our patients “try on” bras with different implant sizes inside to help in this process. Third, don’t hesitate to bring in pictures with you to your consultation, and use them to review what your expectations are.

Breast implant shapes and sizes pictures

Remember, the best time to be absolutely clear on what you expect is before the surgery, not after. (Michael H. Rosenberg, MD, White Plains Plastic Surgeon)

Talk to a good plastic surgeon

When you meet with a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, be sure to discuss your desires and concerns about the surgery. The doctor will examine you and take measurements. There will be a finite range of implants that will be the right width for your breast so this will narrow down the options. Based on your goals and your existing breast tissue, the amount of implant projection will be determined. Most plastic surgeons have sample implants in their office that you can slip in your bra to give you a rough idea of what you would look like with those size implants. I also encourage my patients bring in a photo of a model whose size breasts she would like to emulate.

Breast implant shapes and sizes photos

It’s important to remember that it may be difficult to look exactly like that model because of changes in chest wall shape, frame size, etc, but this is a good starting point for discussion. (Jeffrey Horowitz, MD, Bel Air Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant size guidelines

There are guidelines for choosing the right size implant. A Board Cerified PS will be able to give you the advise you need. The recommended size of implant depend on:

  1. Your desired look and size
  2. Your body measurements
  3. Your breast measurement and the amount of breast tissue you have.

Based on these measurement your PS can advise you of the range of implant sized that fit your desired look and fit your body and breast measurements. It is very important to communicate thoroughly with your PS prior to surgery. (Samir Shureih, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)