Info on breast implants

  • Breast implants replaced every 10 years?
  • Replacing breast implants No, you do not necessarily need to replace implants every 10 years. If you are happy enough with them and are having no problems, there’s no reason to replace them. However in…read more

  • How long implants last?
  • How long do implants last? What is the duration? How often to Replace? In general 10 years is a good rule of thumb for both saline and gel implants. However, if at 10 years you…read more

  • Breast implants last how long
  • How long do implants last While it is possible to have a manufacturing defect that causes them to fail early on, most implants will last well beyond 10 years. There are many reasons to have…read more

  • Big size breast implants
  • Breast Implant Big Sizing Big sizing tops the list of concerns for patients before surgery. It is very indiviualized and relies not only on preferences but on your physical exam. What ever implant you choose…read more

  • Implants breast sizes
  • Rule of thumb for implant size Rule of thumb: try it before you buy it. Go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Bring a sports bra. Try on implants at the office. The plastic surgeon will help…read more

  • Breast implants shapes and sizes
  • Each breast augmentation patient is destined for a specific implant size In general, I tell my patients that each person is destined for a specific size based on their breast skin, fat, and glandular quality…read more

  • Implant breast sizes
  • Breast dimensions and tissue quality are important factors when choosing breast implant sizes Two important factors in choosing the right implant size are your breast dimensions and the quality of your breast skin and tissues….read more

  • Breast shapes and sizes
  • 3-D imaging very helpful for choosing breast implant size This is a common problem that I encountered up until several months ago. I tried various methods that I feel were unreliable – test implants, rice…read more

  • Best breast implant size
  • Breast implant sizing Implant sizing is a critical determinant of outcome in breast enhancement surgery. Unfortuantely or fortunately, there is both art and science invloved. Bra manufacturers are inconcsitstent throughout the industry, so a C…read more

  • Breast implant shapes and sizes
  • Breast Implant Sizers are a big help during a consultation During consultations in my office, I make several measurements of the patient’s chest and breasts, and I assess the skin and tissue quality. Then the patient…read more

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