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  • Choose size of breast implants
  • Breast Implant Sizes There are many sizes available that will avoid a top heavy look. The best way to decide implant size is to go into the doctors office for a consultation. The consultation should…read more

  • Breast implants sizing
  • Breast implant sizing system to choose your own size As of 2012, Mentor corporation (makers of memory gel implants) have released a new system to size patients in the clinic. We have two of these…read more

  • Choosing the right breast implant size for your body
  • How to choose the right size of implants This is probably the most important question that I am asked as a Plastic Surgeon and, unfortunately, there is no easy answer. First, the “right” size is…read more

  • Choosing right breast implant size
  • Choosing breast implant size The size of the implant added to the size of your current breast equals the final breast size. Your current breast width, softness/firmness of your breast tissue, and tightness/looseness of you…read more

  • Sizes of breast implants
  • Breast Implant There are a number of way to figure what implant will give yu the best result. However, most plastic surgeons will consider your breast width an importnat factor in choosing your implant. The…read more

  • Breast implant sizes
  • The best size for your breast implant is the size that will achieve YOUR goals. Sizing is very subjective. There is simply not one size that is “right” for any body type, but rather a…read more

  • Breast implants sizes
  • The Keys To Sizing Breast Implants and Having Natural Looking Results After having performed this procedure for over 12 years let me share with you some of my thoughts. Talk to your surgeon about what…read more

  • Breast implants choosing size
  • Picking the right breast implant size for you There are a number of ways that one may pick the right size implants for themselves. One way would be to bring in pictures of other women’s…read more

  • Choose breast implant size
  • Sizing breast implants should not be guess work. First of all, the patient needs to clearly describe what “look” they are hoping to achieve. Each person starts with certain physical features that must be considered….read more

  • Breast implants choose size
  • I have a lot of thoughts on choosing the right size breast implants. Show your surgeon images of what you consider ideal breasts. Have your surgeon place different sizers in your bra to see what you…read more

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