Questions to ask your plastic surgeon about breast implants

  • Breast implants when to replace?
  • Breast implants are waranteed by the manufacturers for ten years but they very well may last longer. As it is clinically difficult to detect a silicone gel implant rupture by clinical exam, the FDA has recommended…read more

  • How long does silicone implants last?
  • How long do Silicone Breast Implants Last? Breast Implants are a man made product, they eventually wear out and leak. Just like cars do not last forever, planes fall out of the sky, trains fall…read more

  • Breast implants how long do they last?
  • How Long Do Breast Implants Last This is a common misconception that many people share. Doctors used to say that implants needed to be replaced every 10 years but that is false. Implants only need…read more

  • How long should breast implants last?
  • Do my implants need to be replaced? It is hard today what is accounting for your rash. It is unlikely to be the implants, but evaluation in person by a dermatologist might be the best…read more

  • How long silicone breast implants last?
  • Some surgeons will recommend you to change your silicone implants every 10 to 15 years, it is not the case with every patient, each patient has a different reaction to the implants some people can…read more

  • How long does saline breast implants last?
  • It is not certain where the you have to replace your saline breast implants every 10 years come from. The warranty used to be 10 years, but now the warranty for silicone is lifetime. If…read more

  • How long can breast implants last?
  • Saline implants have the advantage of ‘telling’ you when they need to be replaced (ie: deflation). Silicones do not do this. Some surgeons suggest replacing every 10 years. Some do not. IMO, replacing silicones at…read more

  • How many years do breast implants last?
  • Many years but probably not forever Breast implants can last years or even decades, if no issues, such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, or implant migration occur. However, they are not considered “lifetime devices.” The FDA…read more

  • How long does breast implant last?
  • Breast implants are not lifetime devices. However, is not uncommon for them to last over 20 years. There is no medical need to replace them every 10 years, as any people indicate. If you’re not…read more

  • How long will breast implants last?
  • No expiration date on breast implants Breast implants don’t last forever but there is specific expiration date. Sometime in the future the implant might break. That is obvious if it is saline. Less so if…read more

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