Questions to ask your plastic surgeon about breast implants

  • How Long Do Breast Implants Last?
  • Breast Implants Don’t Need To Be Changed Unless Necessary I know of several women who received implants and have never had to change them. It is a myth that implants must be changed every 10…read more

  • How to determine breast implant size?
  • How to choose correct implant size I am glad you asked this question because it is the key to whether or not you will be happy with your result. First, if the implant size and…read more

  • What size breast implants should i get?
  • Breast implant size Since no two breasts are the same, even on the same patient I think it is important to measure and photograph the breasts. Using this database of information I then have the…read more

  • Breast implants what size?
  • Choosing breast implant size This is a good question and I am sure it will have many different great answers from all the different patient experiences and Plastic Surgeons perspectives. The way I approach this…read more

  • What size breast implants?
  • Implant sizing is done in several ways. The breast width or the hemichest measurement is taken and this will give the maximum dimension for implant base width. After that the implant size is picked and…read more

  • What size breast implant should i choose?
  • Choosing the right implant size is one of the most stressful part of the breast augmentation process for most women. This is where your time spent with your surgeon is so important. For me helping…read more

  • How to choose breast implants size?
  • Choosing breast implant size – Find an implant range specifically designed to fit your breast I believe the Key to implant selection is basing an implant on each individual patients breast characteristics and measurements. There…read more

  • How to choose the best size of breast implants?
  • How to choose implant size The key is communication with your plastic surgeon. You need to both be on the same page as to what the goal is. Having said that, the most accurate way…read more

  • How to choose the right size breast implant?
  • Which implant is best for you? It is common for every patient to wonder which size, type and shape of implant is best for them when there is so much information out their that seems…read more

  • How to choose the correct size breast implants?
  • Choosing the right breast implant size There is NOT a rule or simple calculation to determine the optimal implant size for you, although there are several factors that can be considered to reach a good…read more

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