Breast Implants Prices

The cost of breast implants can significantly affect the overall cost of breast augmentation. According to statistics, the cost of acquiring implants is from 10 to 50% or more of the amount paid for the operation (the exact figure depends on the region and the status of the surgeon or clinic). Clinics of plastic surgery often make an additional charge for the final purchaser.

The average cost of breast implants.

The prices of breast implants Mentor range from 575 to 2200 dollars per implant. This range includes the entire product line of the company – from the simplest to the “unique”, “patented”, “bio-” and other “cool” models, and the specific price for a particular product depends on the totality of its technical characteristics.

This price corridor can be safely used for an approximate estimation of the cost of any proposed implants – the price stated by the surgeon or clinic should not be strongly out of the above frameworks.

Prices for breast implants depends on the brand.

The cost of implants with similar characteristics from different manufacturers can differ by a factor of 1.5-2. Such a significant difference in price is due to the degree of “promotion” of the brand (advertising and marketing investments), as well as the possible additional costs for marketing in this region.

Meanwhile, due to obligatory certification of implants, the difference in quality and characteristics between different brands of implants of one kind is absolutely insignificant – thus, selecting breast implants, you can safely save on the “brand”, provided, that this product is certified.

The role of the surgeon and clinic in the pricing of breast implants.

Surgeons practitioner often prefer to work only with certain brands of implants, which are sincere recommended at the consultation. Addition to price on this implants in most cases are not essential, and if desired, the patient may apply to the local dealer and to buy implants directly.

Some clinics work only with “their” implants (usually in connection with the specifics of accounting for medical products), in this case, the choice is limited to the range available in the warehouse, or possible for delivery to order. But, as a rule, the mark-up remains within the limits of the norm, because patients always focus on the final cost of the operation, unreasonably increasing which the institution risks losing its client.

You should think only if there are at least 1-2 of the signs of an unfair attitude towards you:

  • The declared price for implants is significantly different from the above average values (both in one and the other direction).
  • The surgeon or representatives of the clinic actively dissuade, or unequivocally declare the impossibility of using alternative products (another type or manufacturer).
  • The surgeon decides about the using brand of implants and announces about it as a fait accompli. Implants do not have a quality certificate (this is unacceptable, regardless of the price of similar products).

Aesthetic surgery is a relatively new type of surgical intervention, whose action is aimed at changing and correcting the shape of the body. Perhaps, breast augmentation remains the most demanded operation. Breast implants are a shell filled with a special filler.

Filler for breast implants is:

  • saline solution;
  • gel filling;
  • mixed filling.

In modern mammoplasty preference is given to implants with gel filling, since implants filled with saline solution have their drawbacks. The fact is that it is not always possible to achieve the ideal shape of the breast using implants with saline solution. Over time, wrinkles appear on the mammary gland, and the saline solution appears on the surface in the form of small tubercles and furrows. The liquid can move freely in the implant shell.

Types of silicone implants.

The optimal option in mammoplasty is the use of implants with gel filler. The basis of such implants is silicone gel, whereby the breast is indistinguishable from the natural. This type of implants is known since the early 60’s.

Over the course of their existence, they have undergone constant changes, which were carried out for the purpose of safety and convenience. Silicone filler, which was used in the first implants, in its consistency resembled a viscous oil.

The main problem with the first implants was the high risk of damage to the silicone shell and the risk of scar tissue formation in the implant area, which could lead to various complications and defects. This problem led to the fact that some time silicone implants were banned in the US.

The last generation of implants underwent an improvement. Manufacturers began to use a special gel, so they became more reliable, durable, and the breast does not change shape. All breast implants have an outer shell consisting of a strong silicone fiber, and a liquid (filler).

The surface of the implant can be either smooth or rough. The advantage of a saline solution is that the physiological filler is not alien to the body. Even if the shell is torn – water without harm is absorbed by the body. In this case, the breast will lose its shape, and the patient will need to do a re-operation to install a new implant.

One of the latest developments in plastic surgery is a cohesive gel. This filler is a relatively solid form, which in its consistency resembles a jelly. The implant gives to the breast a natural softness. In addition, the filler does not flow out when the shell breaks, but remains inside.

This property is due to the molecular structure of the implant. Cohesive gel is a very viscous structure that remains inside the implant when the shell is damaged. If a small amount of filler comes out – then it is inside the capsule from the connective tissue that forms the body around any implants. Implants with cohesive gel well keeps the shape, does not create furrows, as in the case of saline.

Choosing the shape of implants.

As you know, breast implants can be of various shapes. In order to properly choose an implant – you need to consult a doctor. Typically, teardrop shape of the implant is recommended for small breasts. If the breast sagging is better to use implants round shape.

Each breast is unique, therefore at selection not only advice of the plastic surgeon, but also aesthetic taste of the client is considered. In addition, very often the selection of implants implies a precise computer calculation the shape of the breast, as well as the creation of a 3D model that allows you to see the future result of the operation.

Sizes and types of surface implants.

The size of the implants is calculated in milliliters, based on the volume of the filler. One size is approximately 150 mm filler. Therefore, an implant of 300 ml corresponds to a second size. There are implants of adjustable size. In this case, the doctor injects the filler under the implant shell already during the operation.

The volume of the breast is corrected at the discretion of the doctor and the client’s desire. The latter, of course, is taken into account, but the doctor’s recommendations play a primary role. The proportions of the body, the density of the skin and its general condition, the width of the chest are taken into account.

As for the surface of the implant, it can be smooth and structured (porous). The organism creates a unique capsule from the connective tissue around the implant after its installation. It happens, that this tissue becomes very dense, so the breast feels unnaturally solid. The connective tissue, that formed around the implant, squeezes it and leads to deformation. If the shell is structured, the connective tissue penetrates into its pores, so the total thickness of the capsule decreases, which eliminates adverse effects.

Implant pocket placement.

The four surgical approaches to emplacing a breast implant to the implant pocket are described in anatomical relation to the pectoralis major muscle.

Subglangular. Implants that are placed between the large pectoral muscle and the breast tissues. Thus, the maximum aesthetic effect is achieved, but this position is not recommended for patients with a thin breast tissue, since there is a risk of formation of capsular contracture and wrinkling effect.

Subfascial. The breast implant is emplaced between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle, under the fascia. Some surgeons came to the conclusion that it is this position that can significantly improve the fixation of the implant.

Subpectoral. Implants are placed partially under the mammary gland and partially under the pectoral muscle, making a dissection of its lower part.

Submuscular. Implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, not dissecting its lower part.

As a rule, if the implant is located above the pectoral muscle this gives the patient less discomfort, after the operation the swelling goes down quickly, the recovery period lasts less. Reduction of pectoral muscles in almost all cases does not cause deformation of the implant.

However, there is a risk of formation of capsular contracture and mammography is difficult. An implant under the pectoral muscle significantly reduces the risk of capsular contracture and virtually does not interfere with mammography.

How much are breast implants?

The price of breast implants depends on their type and manufacturer. Implant manufacturers set a warranty period for their products from 10 years to a lifetime warranty. The cost of implants of such firms as Mentor ranges from 575 to 2200 dollars.

Breast implants, the price of which is too low relative to this indicator, may be substandard, so when choosing a silicone implant, you can not be guided only by their cost. This price range includes a whole range of Mentor products ranging from simple and ending with unique patented models. The same cost can be used for an approximate evaluation of other proposed implants.

The price of implants having similar characteristics may differ by a factor of 1.5-2, depending on the manufacturer. The difference in price can be explained by the degree of brand recognition. There are several unconditional leaders in the production of silicone implants: CUI, McGHAN, and Mentor.

However, the principle of mandatory certification, which was introduced for manufacturers, minimized the difference in quality between different brands. Thus, the difference between certified products has become less significant. Thus, the difference between certified products has become less significant. When choosing a breast implants can be saved money on the brand, if the selected implant has all the necessary certificates.

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