How long silicone breast implants last?

Some surgeons will recommend you to change your silicone implants every 10 to 15 years, it is not the case with every patient, each patient has a different reaction to the implants some people can last up to more than 15 years will the implants and have no issues.

If you are having trouble with your implants if you have a capsular contracture or one your implants have bursted or have any complications you should have an evaluation with your plastic surgeon and if he recommends having them removed you should change them, but otherwise there is no need, but if knowing this you would still feel more comfortable changing your silicone implants every 10 to 15 years you can talk to you surgeon about it and see what he recommends in your case. (Luis Suarez, MD, Mexico Plastic Surgeon


Manufacturers recommend that silicone breast implants be exchanged every 10 years or so but most board certified plastic surgeons will agree that breast implants can last much longer.

As long as the implant remains intact and a patient has not developed capsular contracture or a hardening around the implant, I typically do not recommend replacing an implant.

However, if after time a patient becomes displeased with the look of her implant or wishes to adjust the size an implant exchange can be done. I do need to caution you that breast implants should not be considered a “life-long” device and will eventually need to be replaced in time. Be sure to get your annual mammograms to help monitor the implants for rupture. In your case I cannot give an opinion as to what your issue may be without a physical examination.

How long silicone breast implants last after surgery

I recommend finding a board certified plastic surgeon on RealSelf and scheduling a consultation. (Morgan E. Norris, MD, FACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

How long do breast implants last?

I’m often asked this question during my augmentation consults. Many patients are under the impression that silicone implants should be replaced every 10 years. There is no FDA consensus on how often implants should be replaced if at all.

The FDA recommends that women with implants get MRIs every 2-3 years to monitor these devices. If they are having symptoms, then they should obviously get imaging studies sooner. My general recommendation is that if you have had implants in place for 10 years, it would be reasonable to obtain an MRI to acess the implant. If the implant appears intact and the patient is happy, then there is no reason to exchange the implants. (Robert Najera, MD, Frisco Plastic Surgeon)

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As long as you aren’t having any problems and are happy with your silicone implants they don’t have to be changed. Implants don’t have a defined life span.

Common reasons to change implants would be rupture,capsular contracture or deflation. I would recommend that you go see a board certified plastic surgeon. He/She may be able to help you with your problem. (Jon E. Rast, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone breast implant Longevity Depends

We always suggest to replace the implants whenever it’s right for our patients.

If you’re developing a rash and feel air pockets, it would be a good time to seek a plastic surgeon for a physical exam to determine if your symptoms are indeed being produced by your implants. You deserve to have breast implants that you’re comfortable with and don’t cause you any physical harm. 14 years is a good length of time to have breast implants. Where your breast implants placed over the muscle? Do you have saline or silicone implants in place?Newer breast implant manufacturers guarantee their breast implants for life. If they fail within the first 10 years, the implant company will pay for your replacement. (David R. Broadway, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)