How much does breast implants cost?

Breast Augmentation Cost in Baltimore

The total cost of breast augmentation includes the following: TOTAL Breast Aug Cost = Surgeon’s fee + implants + Facility fee + anesthesia We are currently running a special for SILICON implants.

The special pricing is $5500 total cost. These prices are for surgery under anesthesia (usually twilight) in our AAAASF accredited Surgery Center. All of our anesthesiologists are board certified. The price includes all follow up office visits related to the surgery. I have 20 years of breast augmentation experience. The special pricing is only good thru June 2012. Call the office for more details. (Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

San Francisco Bay Area: $5,700 (Saline breast implants), $7,200 (Silicone)

Like other doctors have already said, price does vary by region. At my practice in San Francisco, we charge $5,700-$6,500 for saline implants and $7,200-$8,000 for silicone. Those prices are all inclusive. We have a price range because the surgery can be on the higher end of the given range if the patient wants the implant inserted a certain way, like through the arm pit, which takes more time in the operating room.

If the surgery is going to be more complex due to a patient’s scar tissue from a previous surgery, for example, than we would charge a little more and the price would be towards the higher end of the range. (Usha Rajagopal, MD, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon)

Costs of Breast Augmentation in Dallas will vary. You can find pricing varying from $3000 to $9000 for saline implants and $4000 to $10,000 for silicone implants. There are so many variables that will determine the costs, for example.

How much does breast implants cost in dollars

Is your plastic surgeon board-certified? <certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ( or>Secondly, is your procedure being performed in an accredited operating suite by AAAASF?

Third, is your surgery being done by an MD anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist? (this is a classic money saving measure) This should help you narrow your search. Every surgeon has determined what they feel is appropriate for their expertise and time performing this procedure and taking care of you following the procedure. (Ricardo A. Meade, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant cost in Dallas

Prices for surgery are regional. They are affected by the skill of the surgeon (more skilled surgeons generally charge higher prices), as well as the implant cost, facility fee, and anesthesia cost.

How much does breast implants cost in USA

It costs more to have an MD anesthesiologist, as you are paying for a more highly trained individual. Facility prices are proportionate to housing prices in the region. (Expensive neighborhoods have high rents for office / facility space, and the price is passed down.)

And finally the implants have an associated price – surgeons who use lots of implants sometimes get a break on the price as an incentive to continue using a particular manufacturer. All that being said, in the Dallas region, you can expect to pay around $5000 for saline implants, and $6000 for silicone. (Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Typically between $5,000 and $6,500 for breast implants

How much does breast implants cost UK

I would suggest seeing two or three surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

This operation has to be done very precisely to avoid the need for revision surgery. Some studies have shown that 1 out 5 patients has a revision surgery.

This number should really be less than 5% in capable delicate hands. Trust your instincts with the surgeon. (Pramit Malhotra, MD, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Cost

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Price shopping for Cosmetic Surgery can be a necessary, and in many ways one of the most important components of your search. But buyer beware, in some instances, you get what you pay for! I recommend that you call as many BOARD CERTIFIED (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon’s offices as you feel comfortable with (time, distance, office/surgeon reputation) and decide on at least 3 to visit for a personal interview. Price is important, but the entire package (what exactly you are getting for the implant “price” you refer to) is also an important consideration. What I would look for:

  1. Board Certification? (Ask which boards, not just if the surgeon has a board, and look it up on the internet to confirm!)
  2. How many do they perform a week or a month?
  3. Where is the procedure performed? (Office, certified operating room, or hospital)
  4. Who is the anesthesia team (preferably an MD board certified anesthesiologist)
  5. You should have the surgeon or staff nurses size you on the day of the consult as well as at your preoperative appointment.
  6. What is the follow up protocol? These are just a few things to get you started thinking about what is included in the overall “price” package of breast implant surgery. (John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)