How much for breast implants?

Prices vary from surgeon and procedures/ implants. Between my partner and myself we offer 50 years surgical experience.

Our prices are extremely competitive, each practice is different. (Marshall T. Partington, MD, FACS, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Simply put the cost will vary by the location and by the individual surgeon. My advice is to look at Plastic Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and then look at their before and after results to see what you can expect. Then ask what they charge. (Daniel J. Casper, MD, )

Cost of breast implants.

It can be deeply frustrating when considering breast augmentation to compare apples to apples when looking at pricing.

Prices vary widely even in my own community. I guess the best way to approach this question is to tell you how I approach the major decisions I make in my own life.

I am personally wary of a price that is way too high or price that is way too low. Ultimately, it is most important to me to like the person that I am dealing with and have respect for that person.

As you look it plastic surgeons I would suggest to you that price be a secondary factor. Make sure that you trust and respect that person’s experience and credentials and don’t let a couple of $ either way make the decision.

When in doubt meet with a few surgeons to see which one hears you the best and gives you honest expectations. (Adam Tattelbaum, MD, Washington DC Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of breast implants in Albany, NY

How much for breast implants and lift

The cost of breast implants in our New York location depends on the type of implants used. For silicone implants, the cost is $6600 while for saline it is $5900. These figures include the implants, the operating room, anesthesia, and everything associated with the procedure. As a note of caution, some surgeons quote figures that do not include all aspects of the procedure.

Echoing the comments of many of the other repsonders, cost should not be the only consideration in the selection of a surgeon. You should feel a comfort level with their approach and feel that you are both on the same wavelength. You should also look at their photos and get an idea of the type of results that are typical for each surgeon. And the surgeon should be board certified in plastic surgery.(Jeffrey Rockmore, MD, Albany Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant costs

How much for breast implants in Florida

I charge about $6000 for gels and $5300 for salines. There are physicians who try to do volume pricing and offer discounts. Your best bet is to visit with them and determine who you feel most comfortable with based on their credentials and bedside manner rather than price. (Glenn Lyle, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Breasts implants price

here in Mexico everything included any marck any seize any quality, brassiers, anesthesy, scrubers, tax garment, wound care cost you no more than $5,000usd (Ramon Navarro, MD, Mexico Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of Breast Implants in Canada

How much for breast implants and tummy tuck

The fee for saline breast implants is usually around $6,000. The fee for cohesive silicone gel implants is usually around $7,500. There may be additional costs if this is revision or secondary surgery, or depending on the incision placement you choose. This price is fairly consistent in Ontario, but there are some variations in the province and other areas of Canada. The cost should include the surgical fee, surgery facility fee, anesthesia fee, cost of the implants and all followup care. HST tax is applied to the price of all cosmetic surgery including breast implants. (Cory Goldberg, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation Costs

In my practice the charge for a saline breast augmentation is $4990 and silicone is $5840. This pricing include the surgeons fee, board certified MD anesthesiologist, hospital OR, preoperative blood tests, implants, bra and all of your pre- and postop appointments. (Donald R. Revis Jr, MD, Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon)