Breast implants prices

The price of breast implants vary.

There are several factors that determine the price of breast augmentation surgery. The price varies depending upon geographic location and type of implant used.

The price tag for a breast augmentation doesn’t only include surgeon’s fees and the price of the implants; you are also paying for the anesthesiologist and fees for the facility where the procedure is done.

Choosing an experienced surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will guarantee a high standard of care for an optimal outcome.

Ask to view before and after photos of a prospective surgeon for a documented example of technique and results. Breast augmentation surgery that is priced very high or very low compared to the average for your region should be avoided. (Frank Campanile, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implants prices

There are prices involved in performing breast augmentation that often the plastic surgeon has no control over. These prices include the fees for the operating room facility, the fees of the anesthesiologist, and the fixed price of the breast implants.

Usually, the costs associated with the use of the operating facility and the fees by the anesthesiologist run according to the time it takes to perform the breast augmentation. The longer the procedure, the higher the costs for these services.

US breast implants surgery prices

Also, breast implants can vary significantly in prices, with silicone gel implants costing significantly more than saline implants. A person interested in having breast augmentation can only imagine how, with these combination of fees, it is even possible for a breast augmentation procedure to be offered at an extremely low price.

There are several reasons why that could be. One reason could be that the procedure is not being done in a certified surgical facility that meets all of the local and state requirements for safety and sterility. Another reason could be that the anesthesia is not being delivered and supervised by a board certified anesthesiologist. My fees for breast augmentation are very competitive for the Houston market. They are not “bottom of the barrel” because I operate at a certified surgical facility, and I work with an anesthesiologist who is responsible for the safety of the patient while she is under general anesthesia.

Breast implants prices in US

My global fee (including the fees for facility and anesthesia) run from $5500 for saline implants to $6700 for silicone gel implants. Be sure that your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and that he/she maintains the highest standards of safety when planning and performing your breast augmentation. Best of luck! (Paul Fortes, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Price of a breast augmentation

There are a lot of factors that can determine pricing of a breast augmentation. Some of the prices can depend on the surgeon, the geographic location and the type of implants that are used. The cost for a breast augmentation may include: surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, prescription medications and medical tests such as labs or a mammogram.

Breast implants prices vary in different states

At my office, located in Draper, Utah, I charge around 5200.00 for a silicone breast augmentation. This price includes: surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, surgical facility fees and supplies and all of your follow up visits. Although prices are very important, it is just as important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience with good outcomes. (Steven H. Warnock, MD, Draper Plastic Surgeon)

Prices of implants and breast augmentation

Implants vary in price – with saline being about one thousand less expensive than silicone, and the gummy bear anatomic shaped with generation implants about 200 more than round silicone. I usually charge 4000 surgical fee and anesthesia and facility fees that all together can range from 6000 to 8500 depending on options, techniques, rapid recovery technique etc.

And that comes with my invested interest in my patient all the through the first year and beyond. Price savings should be scruntinized and assured that board certified plastic surgeon with experience is managing your augmentation. Long term results and happy patients start from the get go at the initial operation, thats where you invest in for the best long term satisfaction and results! (Christopher S. Verbin, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Average cost of breast implants

The average cost is $4400 – $5400 for breast implants depending on type used.

My office charges $4400 for saline implants, or $5400 for silicone gel implants. This fee includes the surgery center and anesthesia. Typically the only additional cost is the consultation, $50.

You receive a complimentary copy of my hard-back, full color book titled “Ideal Breast” with your consultation.

Remember, it is a mistake to spend too much on your breast augmentation, but may be a bigger mistake to spend too little.

There is no economy in redo surgery. My goal is to provide top value, putting a priority on patient safety and surgical expertise, which comes from 26 years of experience.

Included in the price is ultrasound surveillance for blood clots, which is a new safety measure. I have attached a link to my website in case you wish to read more. (Eric Swanson, MD, Columbus Plastic Surgeon)

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

I’m a plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. At my practice our implants can cost anywhere from $1,000-$1,500 (each). This is all dependent on the type of implant we use.

The total cost for a standard augmentation including implants, surgeons fees, anesthesia, and facility fees ranges from $7,000-$8,000. (Timothy Treece, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Average cost of Breast Implants

Average cost of breast implants in USA

The costs associated with breast augmentation are based on several factors which include: the time allotted for the procedure, surgeon and facility fees. Surgeon and facility fees will vary depending on your location and the type of facility.

The first step is to find a board-certified surgeon who you feel comfortable and decide if you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation. Your health history will be considered for safety reasons, in my practice, patient safety is our number one priority. (Brian Coan, MD, FACS, Toronto Plastic Surgeon)

The price varies by geography and practice type. Average costs include the plastic surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, the anesthesia fee and the implant cost. Often advertised prices appear more attractive because they don’t include all the associated costs. Silicone gel implants are about twice as much as saline. Total price in South Florida ranges from $5000-$8000. (David J. Levens, MD, Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon)

Price of breast augmentation

Average cost of breast implants NC

Price of breast augmentation really depends on the surgeon and city in which your surgeon is located. In Toronto, this can range from $6000 to $10000. Saline implant usually cost less than gel implants. There is at least a $1000 difference between the two.

The brand of implant (Allergan or Mentor ) are also may be different. You should also find out if the price includes anesthesia, surgical centre fee and not just your surgeon’s fee. Finally in Ontario, there is a HST as well. (Colin Hong, MD, )

Average cost of breast implants

Average cost of breast implants will vary from plastic surgeon to surgeon. Typically there are four components that are to be considered: Surgeons fees, Anesthsia cost, facility fees and implant costs. In my practice there are also an optional fee for an extended release injectable pain medicine to help with the post op recovery.

Average cost of breast implants Canada

Like everything in life you get what you pay for. The lowest priced breast augmentation maybe that way for a reason, and you may not feel it worth it in the end. At the same time paying the most does not guarantee best job in town. Do your research, meet the doctors you have identified in our area and the. Make the decision based on your comfort level with price being a 3rd or 4th level of consideration. (John Mancoll, MD, Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon)

The price for Breast Augmentation saline $2800 to $3500 and silicone $3500 to $5000, Seek for a Plastic Surgeon the perform hundreds of this procedures. (Orlando Llorente, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Average cost depends on surgeon and the place

I am a board certified plastic surgeon based in Hyderabad India. In my practise breast implant surgery costs 3000-3500 USD including hospital , surgeon and anaesthesia fees plus the cost of silicon implants. (Priti Shukla, Mch, India Plastic Surgeon)

How much does a breast implant cost?

Safety, effectiveness, price of breast implants – Shop for breast augmentation in that order

One should never shop by price alone for something as significant as breast augmentation.

That being said, there are many of us who do these surgeries in an office operating room which can save you some money on facility fees. In my practice a breast augmentation with saline is $4100, with silicone implants it is $5200.

This includes the anesthesiologist (board certified) and all facility fees. I use deep sedation and well placed local anesthesia. Utah is a relatively inexpensive area in the country for cosmetic surgery, and you may expect to pay a little more in your area. (York Jay Yates, MD, Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant cost depends on the area

There are several options, as well as regional differences that affect the pricing. The quick answer is saline breast augmentation averages about $6,700 whereas silicone breast augmentation averages $7,400.

For an outstanding resource, go to the RealSelf breast implants cost map. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Fees vary

The fees for breast augmentation vary from region to region. I would say in the NY area, the fee for a ‘straight forward” breast augmentation can vary from $5,000- $10,000 depending upon the surgeon’s expertise and the types of implants used. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

How much does a breast implant cost dollars

Breast Implant prices

Cost for breast augmentation vary greatly even in the same city. Keep in mind that many surgeons performing this surgery are not board certified plastic surgeons and are not operating in accredited facilities where the costs can be much lower.

I would think twice about going somewhere if the price is way below the average price in your area.

In the Miami area, prices range from about $4500 to over $7000, but price should not be the only criteria you use to choose your plastic surgeon. (Baruch Jacobs, MD, FACS, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Australian implants

How much does a breast implant cost in US

There is a wide variation in costs for this procedure and I am sure it’s really confusing trying to work out why that is. In Australia the things which affect price are

  1. Who does the surgery. In Australia any doctor can perform an operation irrespective whether they have had any training at all. Specially trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons tend to be more expensive, which generally reflects a better outcome for the patient.
  2. The amount of planning you undergo. Planning can range from using state of the art 3D simulation software combined with using preoperative sizers to feel the weight of your chosen size in a bra, or some people simply rely on the doctor to choose the size for them in the operating room, and hope they get it right!
  3. Whether there is any post operative care. Care varies from a single post op visit to being cared for by a dedicated team who follow you up for the rest of your implants life (usually 10 to 15 years)
  4. How much does a breast implant surgery cost

  5. Where you operation takes place. Some doctors perform implant surgery in their own office doing the anaesthetic by themselves. The alternative is for surgery to be carried out in an accredited hospital with another doctor performing the anaesthetic. This is often overlooked as implant surgery is usually very safe, however if there are any complications it pays to be in safe hands!
  6. The type of implants used. Implants have large variations in their costs and safety profile. Usually the total Augmentation costs between $9000 and $12,000 in Australia when performed in the safest environment. (Sam Cunneen, MBBS, FRACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant costs

The cost of a standard breast implant can vary depending on the type of implants, the facility fee, anesthesia fees and the surgeon’s fee. In the Houston area, this can vary from ~5K-7K. I would visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can customized a surgical plan for your needs. (Young R. Cho, MD, PhD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

How much does breast implants cost?

Breast Augmentation Cost in Baltimore

The total cost of breast augmentation includes the following: TOTAL Breast Aug Cost = Surgeon’s fee + implants + Facility fee + anesthesia We are currently running a special for SILICON implants.

The special pricing is $5500 total cost. These prices are for surgery under anesthesia (usually twilight) in our AAAASF accredited Surgery Center. All of our anesthesiologists are board certified. The price includes all follow up office visits related to the surgery. I have 20 years of breast augmentation experience. The special pricing is only good thru June 2012. Call the office for more details. (Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

San Francisco Bay Area: $5,700 (Saline breast implants), $7,200 (Silicone)

Like other doctors have already said, price does vary by region. At my practice in San Francisco, we charge $5,700-$6,500 for saline implants and $7,200-$8,000 for silicone. Those prices are all inclusive. We have a price range because the surgery can be on the higher end of the given range if the patient wants the implant inserted a certain way, like through the arm pit, which takes more time in the operating room.

If the surgery is going to be more complex due to a patient’s scar tissue from a previous surgery, for example, than we would charge a little more and the price would be towards the higher end of the range. (Usha Rajagopal, MD, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon)

Costs of Breast Augmentation in Dallas will vary. You can find pricing varying from $3000 to $9000 for saline implants and $4000 to $10,000 for silicone implants. There are so many variables that will determine the costs, for example.

How much does breast implants cost in dollars

Is your plastic surgeon board-certified? <certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ( or>Secondly, is your procedure being performed in an accredited operating suite by AAAASF?

Third, is your surgery being done by an MD anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist? (this is a classic money saving measure) This should help you narrow your search. Every surgeon has determined what they feel is appropriate for their expertise and time performing this procedure and taking care of you following the procedure. (Ricardo A. Meade, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant cost in Dallas

Prices for surgery are regional. They are affected by the skill of the surgeon (more skilled surgeons generally charge higher prices), as well as the implant cost, facility fee, and anesthesia cost.

How much does breast implants cost in USA

It costs more to have an MD anesthesiologist, as you are paying for a more highly trained individual. Facility prices are proportionate to housing prices in the region. (Expensive neighborhoods have high rents for office / facility space, and the price is passed down.)

And finally the implants have an associated price – surgeons who use lots of implants sometimes get a break on the price as an incentive to continue using a particular manufacturer. All that being said, in the Dallas region, you can expect to pay around $5000 for saline implants, and $6000 for silicone. (Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Typically between $5,000 and $6,500 for breast implants

How much does breast implants cost UK

I would suggest seeing two or three surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

This operation has to be done very precisely to avoid the need for revision surgery. Some studies have shown that 1 out 5 patients has a revision surgery.

This number should really be less than 5% in capable delicate hands. Trust your instincts with the surgeon. (Pramit Malhotra, MD, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Cost

How much does breast implants cost pictures

Price shopping for Cosmetic Surgery can be a necessary, and in many ways one of the most important components of your search. But buyer beware, in some instances, you get what you pay for! I recommend that you call as many BOARD CERTIFIED (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon’s offices as you feel comfortable with (time, distance, office/surgeon reputation) and decide on at least 3 to visit for a personal interview. Price is important, but the entire package (what exactly you are getting for the implant “price” you refer to) is also an important consideration. What I would look for:

  1. Board Certification? (Ask which boards, not just if the surgeon has a board, and look it up on the internet to confirm!)
  2. How many do they perform a week or a month?
  3. Where is the procedure performed? (Office, certified operating room, or hospital)
  4. Who is the anesthesia team (preferably an MD board certified anesthesiologist)
  5. You should have the surgeon or staff nurses size you on the day of the consult as well as at your preoperative appointment.
  6. What is the follow up protocol? These are just a few things to get you started thinking about what is included in the overall “price” package of breast implant surgery. (John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

How much do breast implants cost?

Saline augmentation in the Atlanta area costs anywhere from $3800-5500. Silicone augmentation costs about $2000 more. The “cheapest” in town are usually NOT plastic surgeons!

Be sure you see a surgeon who is specifically certified by the American Board of PLASTIC Surgery (NOT a “cosmetic surgeon”- that could be your gynecologist who has decided to start doing implants). (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of Breast Implants depends on several factors

In Toronto the cost for the cheapest breast implants (saline, round, smooth implants) starts at about $4500 and can go up to $8000.

Silicone implant breast augmentations tend to be about $2000 more expensive than saline.

The cost of breast implant surgery depends on the following factors: type of implant: saline is cheaper than silicone, round implants are cheaper than shaped ones type of surgery: some surgeons may have different prices based on how complicated the surgery is need for a breast lift: if a breast lift is needed for sagging breasts, that adds to the cost of breast implant surgery facility: some facilities have higher fees.

While a higher fee doesn’t imply a better quality facility, you should investigate the facility just as much as you research your surgeon surgeon: if your breast implant surgery fee seems like a really good deal, make sure your surgeon is board certified plastic surgeon.

There is no discount big enough for you to risk your outcome or your life (Martin Jugenburg, MD, Toronto Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentations Prices – Facts to consider

How much do breast implants surgery cost

Breast augmentation is a very satisfying procedures for patients. The exact price varies among surgeons. To get the best result please consult a board certified plastic surgeon. Make sure your surgery is done in an accredited facility.

Please remember that safety should be most important thing and cheap surgery is expensive to correct. Silicone is more expensive than saline implants (Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Know what you’re paying for

What is most important is that you find a surgeon that is certified and accredited. Some offices, like mine have their own surgical suites and perform surgeries on premises. It is very important to know the accreditation levels of these surgical facilities.

How much do breast implants operation cost

That being said you want to keep in the price to run a accredited facility and maintain the caliber of care you require. It is possible that surgeons with more experience and training could have higher surgical fees. Keep in mind that you are putting a large amount of faith and trust in your surgeon and you need to be sure of all the details of your surgery. There are many things that affect price like the kind of implants you choose and how much OR and anesthesia you will need. (Joseph G. Bauer, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Average cost of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation prices heavily depend on your location. In the Portland/Vancouver area, the cost is usually $5,500 for Saline implants and $6,500 for Silicone implants. That cost covers your physician’s fee, the operation room fee, and the anesthesiologist’s fee. (Michael L. Workman, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of Breast Implants in Jacksonville, Florida

How much do breast implants cost photos

The cost of Saline breast augmentation is $3900 and Silicone breast augmentation is $4900 during our special running currently. The fees are all inclusive and are limited to patients wanting primary breast augmentation or enhancement. (Ankit Desai, MD, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon)

Be sure to look at complete cost of breat implants

You must be sure you are comparing apples to apples not apples to oranges. Total out of pocket fees include: Surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee, implant costs, blood & urine tests, Rx’s, post operative bra.

Not included is if a mammogram is required or requested (lowest screening mammogram in Miami $80). So with all those charges added together, the range in Miami from my limited survey is

  1. For saline implants from $2800 to $6000
  2. For silicone implants from $4800 to $8500

I hope this gives you an idea as to how difficult it is to get an exact cost. No matter what area of the US you live in. I know personally the #1 breast implant surgeon in the US (from Miami) was charging $5500 for salines, now he charges $3900. This is good for the patient due to the economy’s downturn. (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of breast implants

Breast Augmentation Costs

I like to keep my prices very reasonable while at the same time not undervaluing the extensive time and focus I give to each breast augmentation. I charge an all inclusive fee of $4999 for saline or $5999 for silicone. (Justin Yovino, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant (agumentation) cost

When ever trying to price a plastic surgery procedure the cost will always depend on the individual anatomy. I always recommend a individual consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out your true costs.

The other important factor is what included in a price quote. Typically a price quote will include OR facility fees, anesthesia fees, and surgeon fees. Breast augmentation cost varies depending on the actual procedure performed and implants used. Silicone implants cost more than saline.

There may be a need for other procedures such as a lift which can also affect the price. In general a breast augmentation ranges between $5500 and $7000 if only a augmentation is needed. (Chad K. Wheeler, MD, Spokane Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Costs

The cost of breast augmentation surgery differs for each practice. There are many variables involved. It depends on the experience of the surgeon, whether the surgery is performed in an office setting or hospital (surgery center) setting, if a nurse is administering the anesthesia vs. an Anesthesiologist, what type of implant is used, etc.

Cost of breast implants in USA

The range in my practice would be between $5500-$7000 that includes all costs of surgery as well as all pre and post op appointments. Choose your surgeon based on the results he/she can show you. Ask to speak with other patients who have had this procedure performed.

Make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon’s experience and make sure that the surgery is performed in a safe environment. (Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

Price varies with location

The largest variability on the cost for breast implant surgery is the geographic location of the individual patient. Some parts of the country, generally the East Coast and the West Coast are more expensive than the other regions of the country.

Cost of breast implants 5000 dollars

The other variability of the cost depends on whether the surgery is done in the hospital, outpatient surgery center, or doctor’s office setting. Generally the costs are higher if done in the hospital and under general anesthesia. The costs are lower if done in the doctor’s office under IV sedation.

Also, the cost also depends on the type of implants used. Saline implants generally cost less than silicone implants, but can achieve very similar effects. Estimates for cost generally varies between $4,000 to $8,000. Often plastic surgeons can give you a free initial consultation and inform you of all the costs at that time. (James Tang, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant costs vary

Cost of breast implants augmentation

The cost of breast implant surgery varies between regions of the country. What doesn’t vary between regions is quality of the surgery. The cost includes the surgeons fee, cost of the implants, anesthesia and OR costs as well. Silicone implants cost more than saline wherever you go. Most plastic surgeons will be you a price range over the phone. (Randy Proffitt, MD, Mobile Plastic Surgeon)

Price of breast augmentation in Kansas is good!

In Wichita, KS, saline breast augmentation ranges from $3900-$4800 and silicone augmentation runs $5200-5700. A great advantage of living where the cost of living is low is the lower cost of offering a great procedure like breast augmentation. We see a lot of patients from from higher cost of living areas come to Kansas for the price advantage. (Amy M. Sprole, MD, Wichita Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of Breast Augmentation Denver Colorado: more than just implants!

Cost of breast implants surgery

Why is there such a difference in the cost of breast augmentation in Denver? Saline-filled implants are about $1000 less expensive than silicone gel-filled implants, but the cost of the actual implants is only one part of the expense.

There will be some variability in the costs of the facility (the operating room and staff) and the anesthetist. The greatest variability will be the surgeon’s fees. Surgeons with more experience and greater expertise in breast augmentation will probably have fees higher than others.

The lowest price is not likely to be the best value, particularly when it comes to something as important as your breast augmentation surgery. You will never regret paying a little more for a great outcome and a great experience! (Paul C. Zwiebel, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implants cost

The cost of breast augmentation varies with the region of the country. In the metro Detroit area, the cost for breast augmentation ranges bewtewwn $5000- $6000.

Always check the credentials of the surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgey wil list the board certified plastic surgeons in your area.

Before and after pictures and referrals from friends are also helpful. (Michelle Hardaway, MD, Farmington Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of breast implants and breast augmentation

There are 4 main components to the cost for breast implant/augmentation surgery: the cost of the implants themselves, the surgeon’s fee, the operating room or surgery center fee, and the anesthesiologist’s fee.

Silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants. The fees that are charged can vary depending on geographic area as well as the experience and training of the surgeon.

For example, breast augmentation from a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California may be much more expensive than the same surgery from a superior plastic surgeon 15 minutes away.

In my practice, the TOTAL fee for breast augmentation varies from about $4,700 to about $7,000. Many women seeking breast augmentation are young, without the financial resources to pay more, so I purposely keep my prices affordable so that the surgery is available to them. We are affiliated with companies that provide excellent financing options, as are many surgeons.

Breast implants cost pricing

Be careful about very low prices, which can reflect a lower level of service, or very high prices, which are often unjustified. (Andres Taleisnik, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

When pricing breast augmentation surgery, do not neglect the care factor

As patients like you are researching breast augmentation surgery, two major topics typically arise: CARE and COST.

I would urge you NOT to look at the two in isolation! Breast augmentation surgery is my speciality and pricing is determined by the nature of the surgery, patient history, and implant type, generally beginning at a $6,500 range.

The Breast implants cost

I understand financial matters are important, but advise that cost should secondary to focusing on care as the primary search criteria. Find a surgeon you connect with and one who has the credentials and experience to deliver the outcome you desire. Choose ONLY double-board certified surgeons.

Book personal consultations and come with questions. Look at the doctor’s website. Do you admire his work? How many breast surgeries has the doctor performed? Is the staff engaged and courteous? Successful breast augmentation is about good medicine and outcomes that meet your expectation. Again, cost is a factor, but it is not primary when held up against health and personal sense of self esteem. (Peter J. Capizzi, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

Costs of Breast Augmentation in San Antonio

Breast implants cost pictures

Breast Augmentation in my San Antonio outpatient surgery center is $4400 for saline, and $5700 for most silicone gel implants. My fees include all surgeon fees, operating room fees, anesthesia fees (performed by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist), and the cost of the implants themselves.

The price of breast enhancement varies tremendously from practice to practice, and in different parts of the country. One of the most important things to do is consider your surgeon’s level of experience and expertise before you make a decision based solely on price. Selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has the training you’ll want.

You may also want to check his/her experience, look at their results by viewing their before-after photos, and ask about the number and types of breast augmentations that they perform. (Robert N. Young, MD, FACS, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

The cost of a breast augmentation

The breast implants cost price

The cost in our Miami practie is $3200 for saline, and $4200. That is an all inclusive package. We understand that the price of an augmentation varies tremendously from practice to the other, and between different parts of the country.

The most important aspect that you need to do is investigate your surgeon before you make a decision based on price. Check your surgeon’s credentials and experience. You want a board certified plastic surgeon with a cerificate from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Please ask to see before and after pictures, and spend time with your prospective surgeon to see if he or she is the right person for you.

There is a lot of good surgeons to choose from, do your homework, and don’t just settle because you are attacted by a good deal. (Rami Ghurani, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant cost

Breast augmentation by implants is one of the most common procedures Plastic Surgeons perform. One thing you have to decide is whether you want silicone or saline implants.

Silicone is more natural feeling and is very safe. The advantage of saline implants is that they will deflate immediately if ruptured, slightly smaller incisions can be used, and they can be placed through the armpit or belly button.

Silicone implants feel more natural and have less rippling risk. Silicone implants will cost about 750$ more than saline too. The cost with all fees is around $5,000.Remember that if you need a breast lift the cost will increase as well.

Also, do not fogret that fat transfer is a novel way to naturally build breast size and lasts forever. You can read my blog to help you out with learning more.

Lastly, if you are deciding on two sizes, always go with the slightly larger one, most women regret not going bigger if they regret something about surgery.

Breast augmentation patients are always the one of the happiest groups of patients in my practice. (Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, Richmond Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation pricing

Breast augmentation pricing varies widely for a number of reasons. There are wide geographic price differences with prices in Los Angeles and New York City typically being higher than in other areas. Where I practice in Dallas, TX, prices are probably about average compared to most other major urban areas.

Breast implant cost picture

However, no matter where you live, it is important to find out exactly what the fee covers. The major determinants of the total fee for the procedure include the surgeon’s fee, the fee for the facility where the procedure is performed, the anesthesia fee and the cost of the implants.

Implant pricing varies greatly depending on whether you choses saline, round silicone gel or tear dropped shape silicone gel filled implants. It is important to realize that choosing a surgeon who offers a very inexpensive breast augmentation could be a huge mistake.

There are numerous doctors in many cities who are not plastic surgeons that nonetheless perform breast augmentation. Many do the procedure under local anesthesia. The cost of fixing a poorly performed surgery could be much greater than the cost of the initial procedure.

The breast implant cost pricing

Seek out a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the ABPS, experienced, has excellent reviews and spends time finding out exactly what your goals are. Do not just look for the best deal. Currently, in my practice in Dallas breast augmentation prices vary from about $5200 to $6550. This includes all major fees (surgeon’s fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee and cost of the implants). (Laurence Weider, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Cost

There are many factors involved: surgeons fee, anesthesia fee based on time, and the cost of the implants which varies by manufacturer. Saline implants which are just the shell and filled with salt water are bout half as expensive as silicone gel implants. Textured anatomic implants are more expensive than round smooth implants. Surgeons fees vary by region and the ASPS publicizes statistics including surgeons fees every year. (Christopher J. Kovanda, MD, Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant cost augmentation

The cost of breast implant surgery may vary significantly. The reasons for the differences are important for any patient considering breast augmentation to understand:

  • implants may be composed of saline, gel or cohesive gel (the ‘gummy bear’ implant). Their prices vary depending on the maker and the quality; saline is generally the least expensive.
  • facility fee and anesthesia options will differ depending on the surgery center and type of anesthesia preferred.
  • surgeon’s charges differ based on experience, training and location

It is important that anyone considering breast implant surgery fully investigate the above factors as well as the training and specific board certification of the surgeon.

Be sure that the surgeon is doing the procedure in a fully accredited facility and not in an office OR that does not have the proper certification. When considering all of the above itemized cost factors, the total amount for breast implant surgery, anesthesia, implant type and facility can range from $7500 – $10,000 for most board certified plastic surgeons. I encourage you to discuss these factors thoroughly with your doctor and staff. (Frank Barone, MD, Toledo Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant costs

Breast implant costs

You will find that prices for various types of operations vary by region of the country. In Santa Barbara, breast implant surgery usually costs between $5500 and $7000 depending on what type of implant is used.

This price represents the entire cost, including all pre- and post-operative care, the surgery, the implants, the anesthesia, and the use of our operating room. (Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS, Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon)

At our practice the fee for breast augmentation surgery using saline implants is $3300.

The fee for using silicone implants is $4500. The fee is all inclusive (surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, anesthesia fee) except for medicines and sports bras. (L. Dwight Baker, MD, Dothan Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation is a Surgical Service, Not a Commodity.

There is a wide variation from one community to another, or region to another, or from one surgeon to another, as to the surgical fee for Breast Augmentation or any other cosmetic surgical procedure, for that matter.

A multitude of factors are involved in this price disparity and lack of “standardization”. When it comes to Breast Augmentation, the only “fixed” cost is the cost of the implants. This is relatively constant from one doctor to another, and from one region to another. Silicone gel implants are about twice the cost of saline implants, and cost is not related to size of the implants.

Breast implant costs in NY

However, the implant is only one component of the “global surgical fee”, which includes not only the implants, but the cost of the facility fee where the surgery is done, the anesthesia fee, any additional supplies, and the surgeon’s professional fee.

These “variable” costs can span a wide spectrum, from seemingly “bargain basement” fees, to very expensive “Park Avenue” or “Beverly Hills” prices. Patients need to consider the factors above before being shocked by the surgical fee, and also before choosing the lowest possible fee.

Questions to ask yourself include: What is the level of experience of the doctor? What kind of facility will provide my surgery and what is the office environment in which I will receive my follow-up care?

Breast implant costs prices

How much attention will I receive after surgery? How accessible is the doctor? What is the cost of doing business in one state or community vs. another? Am I willing to pay a premium for a greater level of service, or do I want only the lowest price? As in most purchases, you get what you pay for. While it is possible to find an occasional bargain on an item of high value, or to over-pay for something that in the end is not quite “worth it”, there is almost always a “sweet-spot” where value and price intersect. Hopefully, this happens when you find the surgeon with whom you are comfortable, who you trust to provide you excellent care. Remember, you’re not buying a rug or a bushel of wheat, you are choosing surgery. Shop carefully, but remember, you’re buying not just the steak, but the sizzle as well! (Athleo Louis Cambre, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation prices vary by city and doctor

Breast implant costs $7000

The cost for breast implants varies by city and by surgeon. Additionally, the choice between saline and silicone implants adds about $1000 for the saline and $2000 for the more expensive silicone. The surgeon fees vary from between $3000 to $12000, plus the operating room costs, which can vary anywhere from $2000 to $4000 depending on the facility. So you are looking anywhere between $6000 to $18,000. (David Shafer, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant costs

Breast implant costs really varies on your geographical location, the type of implants used, what exactly needs to be done and your surgeon. I would advise you that cost should not be a reason why you choose a surgeon. You should choose the surgeon that you feel most confident that can deliver the results that you desire. (Shim Ching, MD, Honolulu Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implants expiration

Breast implants do not have an expiration date and can last well over ten years. The key is to have regular testing and evaluation to ensure that the breast implants do not have leakages.

If there is a leakage, you should contact a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best course of action.

If there is no problem and you still enjoy the size, shape and projection of the implants, then you should not expend the time, money, and emotional resources to replace the breast implants. (Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

For the general question of when to replace them: My feeling is that if there is no specific problem, then there is no “expiration date” for the implants.

That being said, if you suspect that something is wrong, then a workup to evaluate the implants should be implemented. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

On average, breast implants last 10-15 years

The answer really depends upon the type of implant you have had placed. A rash under the breast is especially worrisome. When the implants are silicone gel implants, it might mean that the implant has ruptured and the gel is affecting the tissues including the skin.

Your mention of “air pockets” makes me think you likely have saline implants. The rash indicates a reaction, so I would get this evaluated by your plastic surgeon ASAP. When saline filled implants rupture, the process is more noticeable as the breast loses size rapidly. The body absorbs the saline and there is usually less of a worry from a “reaction” standpoint.

Breast implants expiration picture

Saline implants when they last (they may rupture more readily) can last 10-15 years. Newer generation silicone gel implants (Cohesive Gel) may last longer.

We don’t have much data on the longevity of Cohesive gel implants as they are newer.

I have posted a Youtube video showing some silicone gel scar capsules I removed for a woman with really old silicone gel implants for your information. (John P. Di Saia, MD, Orange Plastic Surgeon)

When to change implants

There is a myth out there that implants have to be replaced every 10 years. In general, if there is no problem with the implants or breasts, you should leave well enough alone.

Breast implants expiration date

If there are associated problems, such as a rash or abnormal-feeling implants, you should be evaluated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine if replacing the implants is appropriate. (David A. Dreyfuss, MD, Orland Park Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implants Do not Last a Lifeime

Breast Implants are not ethereal, but they do last more than ten years, It is recomended to come in for checkups at scheduled times to make sure everything is working as it should be. That being said there is a risk for Rupture just like with everything in life. But the rinks are minimal and very isolated. (Jonathan Fisher, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implants expiration image

While most breast implant suppliers give a manufacturer’s warranty of about 10 years, they only need to be replaced when they need to be replaced. If they have not ruptured and you do not have any other complications like capsular contracture then the implant has some life. That being said, you may not want to wait until the implant ruptures to have them replaced. They do not last forever and they should be replaced at least once depending on how long you have had them and plan to have them. Talk with a plastic surgeon about your specific situation, especially if you experiencing some discomfort you believe may be associated with you implants. (Joseph G. Bauer, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implants will outlast you

Both major US breast implant manufactures have a lifetime warranty on their implant, as well as a 10 year warranty on the replacement cost, if they deflate. Therefore, your implants are good forever, but statistically, according to the FDA, most women tend to change their implants (not beacuse of the implants) within 18-20 years. (S. Sean Younai, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)