Saline breast implants cost

In most cases, in our area a breast augmentation without any additional procedures is around six thousand dollars. When price comparing, make sure to know procedure cost, facility cost and anesthesia costs.

The only cost difference that you will be able to decide is the type of implant used. You can choose saline filed, silecone gel filled, or a shaped implant. Gel filled implans are definatly worth the added expense over saline! (Stephan Finical, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

Saline Breast implant prices

Around the country, the total cost of breast augmentation falls between $4,000 and $10,000. Doctors commonly charge about $1,000 more for silicone gel implants than for saline implants.

That’s because silicone gel implants are more expensive to produce, and manufacturers pass that cost along to doctors, who pass it along to patients. It’s always wise to ask if the price includes the facility, anesthesia, lab tests and all follow-up care. (Ted Eisenberg, DO, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can remain affordable even in a big city like Chicago !our fees are $ 6910 which include the surgeon’s fees, cost of a pair of silicone gel implants, and OR and anesthesia in a downtown hospital.

You can stay overnight in a private room and nursing care for an additional $ 650 payable to the hospital. (Florence Mussat, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Cost Considerations

Saline breast implants cost 4000 US dollars

Fees vary in different regions of the country. The larger city areas tend to be more costly because the expenses to the surgeon and hospital or ambulatory surgical centers are higher. Make sure that you include the implant fee, the surgeon fee, the anesthesia fee, and the hospital/surgicenter fee when you compare physicians and their fees.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing almost anything, and it is true with saline breast implants, is don’t go to the cheapest and don’t go to the most expensive. You will find that the reasonable fees will not differ much from each other. Then just choose the physician with whom you feel most comfortable.

Also make sure you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. I can guarantee you that those surgeons who are not board-certified plastic surgeons will be cheaper, and remember those old words of wisdom: “You get what you pay for!” (Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

How much do saline breast implants cost?

Saline breast implants surgery cost

A breast augmentation in the Dallas area will range from $4000 to $9500. Several factors can affect the price of the procedure including the type of implant (saline vs silicone vs form staple implants), anesthesia, surgeon’s fee, and surgery center fee.

The cheapest implant will be the saline followed by silicone and then the form stable or “gummy bear” implant. If a surgeon is willing to give a patient a discount, this will usually be taken from the surgeon’s fee since the anesthesia and facility fee are fixed. I recommend visiting with a board certified plastic surgeon if you have further questions about a breast augmentation. (Robert Najera, MD, Frisco Plastic Surgeon)

Saline Breast Implants Cost

Saline breast implants cost 5000 US dollars

There are certain things that go into the the pricing of the whole surgery there is the cost of the implants, the fee’s for anesthesiologist, nurses, medical supplies, etc. These are some of the elements that contribute to the ultimate cost for a breast augmentation, all in all the surgery could range between 3,100 to 4,200 dlls. (Luis Suarez, MD, Mexico Plastic Surgeon)

Saline breast implant cost typically vary by region. The type of implant selected will impact the cost significantly.Saline implants are the least expensive implants available. Gel implants will be more expensive. Don’t let cost alone be your only criteria in selecting a surgeon. (Jon E. Rast, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

The fees for this operation vary depending on what type of implant is used, and which physician you choose. We offer a number of different price points, based on the experience of the surgeons, ranging from the resident physicians, to the aesthetic fellows, to surgeons with over 15 years experience.

We also offer financing through CareCredit. (Anne Taylor, MD, Columbus Plastic Surgeon)