Choosing The Right Breast Implant Size For Your Body

Choosing breast implant size

The size of the implant added to the size of your current breast equals the final breast size.

Your current breast width, softness/firmness of your breast tissue, and tightness/looseness of you breast skin will determine what can actually fit inside.

Using that information and your goals, I can choose the range of available implants that would be appropriate.

For my patients, I allow them to “try on” various sizes of implants under their clothes so they can see what they look like with different implant sizes.

An experienced plastic surgeon will make sure you avoid the top heavy look. (Randy J. Buckspan, MD, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing the right breast implant size for breast augmentation

There’s a variety of methods that are currently in use for choosing the correct implant size. The method that I most commonly use, is to provide the patient with an implant size of their choosing and let them place it in between their bra and their breast, in order to get a visual confirmation as to whether or not that is what they’re looking for.

It is always helpful if you bring in at least one, if not several photos that reflect what you would like to have as an end-result into your consultation so that your surgeon can give you a better idea of what is and is not possible, and also what would be the best size implant to go with.

Remember, plastic surgeons can only work with what you have in terms of both tissue and breast placement. We can’t change where your breasts are located, we can only add the implant.

Thus, you may not be able to get the exact results that you are looking for, but if you make sure to provide your surgeon with as much detailed information as possible right from the start, they should be able to get you as close to your desired result as possible. (Michael L. Workman, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

How to choose breast implant sizes

The goal of a breast augmentation is to create a naturally appearing improvement in the size of your breasts. To do this, the implant has to “fit” both your body and your breast. Although every woman is different, in my experience most do not want others to know they have had a breast augmentation. To “fit” the implant, I start by taking several measurements of the chest and the breast. This includes the skin tone, the nipple position, the amount of breast tissue, and the characteristics of the chest wall. These measurements give you an idea of which implants would best fit your body and breast. Among these implants are different volumes. How full you would like your breasts to be dictates how large within these selected implants you wish to be. (David Bogue, MD, Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon)

There isn’t a Santa Claus when it come to picking breast implants

Unfortunately, too many of my colleagues treat this topic as if “if you can wish for it you can have it”. Allowing the patient to show pictures of what they want and try on implants in the office gives the patient the expectation that “anything is possible”.

This approach, as well as delivering “whatever the patient wishes for” is in large part responsible for the unbelievable 4 year reoperation rate of 23.5% for breast augmentation in this country. This operation differs from most cosmetic procedures in which something is being taken away, e.g.: liposuction or abdominoplasty.

In breast augmentation we are addiing a prosthetic device which has weight, and must be supported by whatever minimal tissue is at the bottom of the breast. Careful measurement of the patient’s tissues will allow selection of an implant appropriate for each individual patient. This may not be as big as the patient ideally would like in some cases, but the reality of physics and the limitations of the soft tissues must be respected or the patient will become another statistic, with more surgery, expense and often, additional scars.

Think about it, what agenda would a responsible surgeon have not to give the patient whatever she wishes for if it didn’t matter?? It would be much easier for me to put in “whatever the patient wishes for” than to take the time and effort to educate her about the reality of the limitations of the procedure. The truth is it does matter.

Breast augmentation is a great operation but it is irresponsible to hand the keys of the bus to the inexperienced patient who doesn’t realize the risks and potential problems and ask “where are we going?” The truly responsible surgeon takes the time to explain these issues and limitations and helps guide the patient to a reasonable choice that significantly reduces the complication and reoperation rates. (Bruce W. Van Natta, MD, Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing the right implant size is one of the most stressful part of the breast augmentation process for most women.

This is where your time spent with your surgeon is so important.

For me helping the patient pick the right implant size is about understanding what the patients final aesthetic goals are. Simply put what breast look do they like.

To help me see what my patients think are attractive looking breast I ask them to show me pictures of breast that they find attractive.

Additionally I also want to see pictures that they find unattractive as well. Both sets of pictures help me see what they find attractive which in turns shows me what they are looking for.

This where I now have the opportunity to explain how their anatomy and breast appearance will influence a realistic outcome.

So that coupled with the patient chest wall measurements become the basis for breast implant selection.

To further enhance this process I also use the Vectra 3D imaging simulator to “try on ” implants.

This way my patients see their own images enhanced to further help with this process.

Finally patients can place implants inside a bra and see what fills out their shirts the best.

This all takes time, but is well worth the effort. Finally when patients tell me that they don’t want” stripper” breasts then I suggest that they don’t dressing in away that would give that impression. (John Mancoll, MD, Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant size

Choosing the right size and style of implant is a very personal decision. As a surgeon, I help guide you towards coming up with the right decision for you. This includes taking measurements and simulating different sizes and then going over how different style implants will help give you different breast shapes. I would encourage you to visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you find the best implant for you. (Young R. Cho, MD, PhD, Woodbury Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Size Considerations

Choosing the right implant size is a very common concern for most patients looking to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. While there are some patients who idealize a very top heavy and busty look, even more commonly, patients are striving for a natural breast enhancement that looks as though the patient could have been born with it – the look that I much prefer.

Choosing the right implant size is a very personal and customized process that largely rests upon trust between patient and plastic surgeon, as well as confidence that the operating plastic surgeon truly understands what the patient’s ultimate goal is. At my practice, I employ the use of Vectra 3D Imaging, which allows me to capture the patient’s breast, face and/or body image and simulate the possibilities that the proposed aesthetic surgical procedure could provide.

I also like to use physicial anatomical shaped implant sizers at the time of a patient’s pre-operative appointment to help a patient visualize what projection and volume works best for them. My patients find this approach to be extremely helpful in help refining their eventual decision.A patient’s anatomy will also largely dictate what type, size, shape and profile implant a patient could best use to achieve a desired result. Proper placement and pocket dissection are also critical factors that ultimately influence how natural or unnatural a breast augmentation procedure may look.

A thorough consultation and discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation procedures would be advised to best address your procedural concerns. It may help to look at some before and after galleries to help assess a surgeons work and get a better feel for what type of “look” you are aiming for.

I would also highly suggest supplementing your consultation and pre-operative appointments with notes of questions and some photographs of both likes and dislikes to ensure that you and the surgeon whom you will ultimately choose are on the same page. For your sizing routine, which I conduct a couple of weeks prior to your scheduled surgical procedure, I believe that the support of a friend, family member or loved one whose opinion you trust and a couple of your favorite tops are useful and will help you make this very important decision. (Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, )

What breast implant size should I have?

Everyone is different. So, like clothes, everyone needs a different size and style. I customize your implant size for your body by taking several measurements. I also use external sizers of known size to give you an idea of what it will be like. I advise against implants that are too large or are too wide.It all about taking your time and figuring it out with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. (John Silverton, MD, Stockton Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Sizes

There are many sizes available that will avoid a top heavy look. The best way to decide implant size is to go into the doctors office for a consultation.

The consultation should include detail measurements and an implant trial.

The implant trial allows the patient to place implants inside a sports bra, so a basic idea of size can be decided. (Jeffrey W. Hall, MD, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

the most important is not to let your surgeon choose your size and don’t worry about cc’s all you have to do is worry about what cup size you would like to be and let the surgeon worry about cc’s.

Base on your body dimensions and chest wall the surgeon would tell you the volume size. (Orlando Llorente, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant sizing

The determination of size is done at your consultation. Rather than measuring the breast diameter, which is the key dimension, I actually place various sizers against the breast.

An implant that is wider than the breast diameter is typically too large for the breast (but even so, may be smaller than what you desire, potentially).

On the other hand, an implant that is significantly smaller than the breast diameter can also create problems. When the proper range of sizes is determined, I have my patient try those sizers on in a bra, which gives a rough approximation of the appearance that you will have postop.

The information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. (Thomas C. Wiener, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Best implant size for you

Choosing the right implant size if always a concern for patients wanting to have a Breast Augmentation. First, a physical exam is done to measure breast width and evaluate chest wall and any asymmetry.

Next, we have patients our patients have their picture taken by our Vectra 3D imaging system which helps the patient visualize what they might look like with different styles and sizes of implants.

Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will help with your decision to give the most frame appropriate result. (Ed Breazeale, Jr., MD, Knoxville Plastic Surgeon)

The best implant size depends on your anatomy and measurements.

When determining which size implants to choose, there are a number of physical characteristics to consider. Your frame size, your breast measurements, the elasticity of your skin as well as the goals you have for your appearance all factor into the selection of implant size. Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs) instead of by cup size. In addition to being available in a wide variety of sizes, implants also come in different shapes. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can help you make an informed decision about the size and shape that will best suit your goals.

By bringing photos of how you’d like the final outcome appear, your surgeon can share your vision and guide you towards the implant size and shape that will offer you optimal results. (Frank Campanile, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Sizes

Having a thorough and open discussion with a qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is the key in helping a woman select the breast implants that will meet her aesthetic goals. Breast implants come in many different shapes and sizes.

After I have examined the patient and have taken measurements of her breasts and chest wall, I will have her look at several different sizes of breast implants so that she can visualize the volume ranges. It is more effective for a woman to conceptualize a 300cc size implant once she has seen it and held it in her hands or placed it in her bra than to be told that a 300cc implant is “right for your frame”.

Whenever I speak to a patient interested in breast augmentation I will start getting a sense of her goals from the procedure. I make very different recommendations to a patient who tells me that she wants a “fake look” than one who tells me she wants a result that is very natural and hardly detectable.

In the end, the plastic surgeon must function as advisor to his patient and be able to inform her of both the benefits and pitfalls of the different options in breast implants. (Paul Fortes, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

During your evaluation with your plastic surgeon he will show a variety of sizes and textures and types of what they are made, he will in his professional opinion let you know what would be the best option for you depending on your body structure what would look natural on you, for reference he will show you some before and after pictures and explain thoroughly how the procedure would go about and why the size and implant chosen for you is your best option. (Luis Suarez, MD, Mexico Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone breast implant size

Choosing a silicone breast implant size can be very difficult. It is not just the size but also the profile and shape of the implant that is important. Start by bringing photos of types of augmentation you like to your consult. During this consultation your surgeon will help you by trying different sizers, and after making several measurements can help you decide on size and profile of the right implant for you. Akso different manufacturers have different shapes. Take your time trying sizers and have a friend with you to help you decide. (Shahriar Mabourakh, MD, FACS, Sacramento Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation results are optimized with proper implant sizing

Choose an silicone implant based on the dimensions of your breast footprint, rather than selecting an arbitrary volume – that is the key to a natural, long lasting augmentation result. (Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone breast implant sizes

Choosing an appropriate silicone breast implant size is one of the most challenging parts of a breast augmentation consultation.

A patient’s perception of what looks “natural” or “stripper-like” varies from one person to another and region of the country.

It is important to size yourself with an silicone implant under a fitted shirt or bra. In addition, I have patients bring in pictures of how they want their breasts to look like. Another great resource it Love Your Look (Robert Najera, MD, Frisco Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone Breast Implant Sizes and Sizing

Choosing just the right size silicone implants is often one of the most exciting parts of the Plastic Surgery consultation. However, it can also be stressful for the patient, since changing the implants would incur additional expense and mean additional surgery. Of course, every one wants to get it right the first time, and our goal is to help you do that. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Before going on your consulation with a board certified PS, look at the before and after photos on several doctors websites. Focus on those women who are similar in height and weight to yourself as well as in pre-operative breast size. Try to get an idea of the implant size that will get you the look you want. You may want to show the doctor you consult with some of the “after” photos you like.
  2. It is important to keep in mind that there are several variables that contribute to your result. These include: height, weight, torso size, breast size and shape, amount of skin stretch to your breast skin, any sagging of the breasts and of course the size, shape and style of the chosen implants.
  3. During the initial consultation of at my office in Dallas, I perform a breast examination including taking several measurements that help to determine which implants will fit best with your body and with your aesthetic goals. In addition, my cosmetic assistant will do sizing using special sizing implants. Using this system, we can choose a size that will fit the patient appropriately and that they will be very happy with. I have included a link to my photo gallery which includes patient age, height and weight, number of children (if any), implant size and cup size (before and after). (Laurence Weider, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)