One of the methods of breast augmentation is implant placement in the breast. What are breast implants, what they are made of and how they are durable – later in the article.

What is an implant?

The breast implant consists of a shell and a filler. You can carefully study breast implants, photos well convey the whole essence of the anatomical implant. Now in surgery, the third generation of breast implants is used, with a shell of fine silicone with a barrier layer, which prevents the gel from flowing out beyond the implant.
The filling of breast implants is:

– saline solution;
– silicone gel;
– hydrogel.

Types of implants.

Types of breast implants are divided into 2 categories:
– Implants made of silicone;
– Implants with salt filler.

Breast implants filled with silicone, when palpated are soft and look natural, that allows the patient’s breasts look natural. Silicone implants of the last generation, more reliable than previous generations, the risks of damage to the shell are minimized.

Saline implants.

These implants received their name because of the filler – a saline solution, i.e. a solution of sodium chloride. Saline implants have gained much popularity in the United States, when there was a ban on silicone breast implants.

The differences between silicone and saline implants.

  • Silicone implants look very natural and soft to the touch when compared with salt.
  • Saline implants are cheaper in comparison with silicone implants.
  • The silicone implant is wrinkled less and ripples develop less often, it allows patients with small breasts to prosthetize it over the muscle. Saline implants are suitable for patients who have a large mass of breast.
  • If the shell of the saline implant ruptures, the saline enters the body, which is harmless, unlike silicone, where the filler is a foreign material.
  • If the implant shell is damaged, there will be no noticeable external changes, this greatly complicates its detection. When a rupture is necessary replacement of breast implants.
  • The silicone implant is much lighter than the salt implant, so the risk of its displacement under gravity is reduced.
  • After the salt implant has been installed, small incisions and scars remain in the patients, because the filler is intered into the implant already installed, the silicone implants all have the opposite. Scars after their installation are long and noticeable.

Shape of implants.

  1. The round shape.
  2. These implants do not spoil the shape of the breast in the case of its rotation, at a price that are slightly cheaper than teardrop shaped implants, which provides them with enormous popularity among patients.
  3. Teardrop shape.
  4. Teardrop shaped implants provide visualization of a good aesthetic effect, but in the case of a turn at the breast, an unnatural shape is obtained. The price of breast implants of anatomical shape is much more expensive than rounded ones. Implants teardrop shape have a rough surface.

Type surface of breast implants.

Smooth breast implants significantly reduce the possibility of creases. However, a thin shell increases the risk of rupture. The price of breast implants with a smooth surface is lower, compared with a rough surface.

Rough (textured).
Rough implants have a thickened shell, which reduces the risk of damage to it. The texturized shell is most susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles and folds, due to which worsens the aesthetic appearance of the breast.

Which implants are more popular?

Rough implants are popular because of the lower risk of shell rupture and deformities. The most common sizes of breast implants are 200, 300 and 400 ml. The largest size reaches 740 ml, and the smallest 90 ml.

What complications can occur after the breast augmentation surgery?

The risk of complications after surgery is quite small. The possible consequences after the placement of implants may include:

  1. Seroma is a cluster of serous fluid in the cavity with the implant. This problem is solved very quickly using a syringe.
  2. Inflammation. This problem is solved with the help of antibacterial drugs.
  3. Hypersensitivity. This is a rare complication that carries a complete or partial loss of nipple sensitivity.
  4. Fibrous capsular contracture is the rejection of a foreign body. It can develop a few years after the operation.

Breastfeeding and implants.

Breastfeeding with implants is not contraindicated. According to statistics, among women who have increased their breasts, 99% are breast-feeding their babies without problems. But 1% of patients after surgery lose the sensitivity of the nipple, which makes it difficult to feed the baby.

Rupture of the implant.

The rupture of the breast implant occurs asymptomatically, therefore it is necessary to conduct regular examinations with the attending physician, at least once a year. Especially important are examinations for women who have installed an implant more than 10 years ago. Shelf life on breast implants for life, but there are various risks of damage.

Causes of rupture of the implant.

To various reasons for the implant rupture can be attributed:

  • damage to the shell, which was not noticed during the operation;
  • deterioration of the implant wall over time;
  • production marriage;
  • chest injury, for example, damage to the seat belt during a sudden braking.

Types of implant ruptures.

There are two options for implant rupture: local and regional.

Local implant rupture

Durability Of Breast Implants

Intracapsular rupture is damage to the implant, leading to serious changes. With a local rupture of the silicone implant, capsular contracture may develop over time. The shape of the mammary glands also changes when the saline solution flows out of the salt implant.

The physiological solution is rapidly absorbed, and the implant shell overgrows with fibrosis due to which the development of fibrous contracture is not caused.

Regional rupture of the implant.

An extracapsular rupture, or regional, is when the gel leaks outside the fibrous capsule. With such a break, the replacement of breast implants is required.

Increasingly, on the Internet, on the forums, you can meet frightening photos and stories about the fact that implants need to be changed every 5 years. But after all, implants have a lifetime guarantee?

The thing is that very many factors influence the life cycle of the implant. At the moment you should trust trusted firms that have all the necessary certificates and meet high quality standards. And also take into account all your physiological characteristics (this will help the plastic surgeon to consult).

As the practice of plastic surgery shows, a large number of women daily face the need to select breast implants. We made a detailed review of the most popular brands and types of implants for breast augmentation, which successfully apply the best plastic surgeons for many years.

ARION implants.

ARION breast implants are products made using the latest technology. They are characterized by a six-layer shell that connects to the valve without the use of glue, so that the implant is a single unit. Soft silicone is used to fill them, products can have an anatomical or round shape. The production is located on the azure coast of France.


Saline Implants Photos

A huge variety of shapes and sizes of ARION implants allows to select up to 500 different variations and shapes. Implants can have an anatomical shape (and be filled with cohesive silicone gel), a round shape (the surface can be textured), or microtextured, an anatomical form with a gel filling of different densities.


Among the main advantages of ARION implants (France) are the following points:

  • The manufacturer gives a guarantee for life;
  • Excellent quality / price ratio;
  • The presence of phase rigorous inspection during production, which ensures high quality;
  • Permeability for X-rays.

Prices for implants of this brand are today one of the highest on the market. The cost of implants can be from 1700 to 2300 US dollars.

Polytech implants (Germany).

Polytech Implants Germany

Implants of Germany manufacture Polytech are incredibly soft and natural means for breast augmentation, which are filled with highly cross-linked gel.

Of the features of the products, it should be noted that the gel can take the initial form after a variety of manipulations.

Under this brand implants of anatomical and teardrop shaped are produced.

The assortment of means for a breast augmentation of this brand is incredibly rich, it includes 236 forms, among which you can choose the suitable variant for the breasts of any shape and type.

An important advantage of all models is their high strength, reliability and safety. For example, when an incision is made, the gel remains inside, and when stretched it takes the original shape.

The surface of medical products of this brand can be textured, smooth or processed with micro-polyurethane foam, due to which the risk of capsular contracture is reduced. The cost of implants Polytech is about 1400 – 1600 US dollars.

Cereform implants.

Natrelle Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Breast Implants Cereform (France) is a high-quality medical device that is actively used in plastic surgery. Each breast implant of this brand has an excellent quality-price ratio, thanks to the manufacturer’s use of modern equipment and technology.

Products are characterized by a porous shell, which promotes strong and reliable fixation. A high-quality eco-friendly silicone gel is used for filling, which makes the implants safe, and also guarantees an excellent result and minimal risk of complications.

The advantages of Cereform breast implants include:

  • Use of gel with shape memory;
  • Availability of safe and effective shell;
  • 18-layer protective shell;
  • Presence of the built in valve;
  • Assigning an identification number to each breast implant;
  • Same price for the product a round and anatomical shape;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer for a lifetime.

Natrelle implants

Natrelle Inspira Implants

Implants Natrelle (USA) from the company Allergan are represented by a whole line of products of various shapes and sizes and elasticity. Breast implants of this brand meet the world quality standards.

They are produced in a round and anatomical form and are filled with high-quality gel, which is immediately restored during compression. A reliable barrier layer (INTRASHEIL) completely excludes the possibility of leakage of the filler through the implant shell.

The main advantages of Natrelle:

  1. Aesthetic result;
  2. 4 profile options;
  3. The possibility of using cohesive and silicone gel;
  4. The naturalness of proportions and forms;
  5. Possibility of application for correcting asymmetry;
  6. The possibility of using with delicate correction of the shape of the breast, as well as for girls and women with thin tissue covers, etc.

Eurosilicone Implants

Eurosilicone Implants Photos

An excellent tool for carrying out plastic surgery for breast augmentation are implants of Eurosilicon. The main difference between implants of this brand is their high quality and reliability.

This is due to the presence of a 13-layer protective shell, which has an optimal texture, which ensures a reliable fusion with the tissues. Thanks to this, the implant will be firmly fixed in the breast, and the ideal shape will be preserved for a long time.

The assortment of breast implants of Eurosilicon brand contains, round products and models of droptear shaped and anatomical shape. Each product undergoes the strictest quality control. First of all, they are tested for strength and safety by stretching, dynamic and static loads.

All over the world, plastic surgeons often use implants of this brand, primarily because it is convenient to work with them, but the main thing is that they do not bring problems, complications and inconveniences to the patients, they look natural, beautiful and symmetrical. And this is an indicator of the highest quality, stability and reliability. Prices for implants Eurosilicon can range from 1500 – 1800 US dollars.