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Which breast implants to choose?

Women who are planning to perform an augmentation mammoplasty, there are questions about the size and shape of the breast implants, as well as the duration of their service, manufacturing and texture. Each type of implant has a number of advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other species. The choice of the implant in each case is individual and depends on the wishes of the patient and on the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

Based on the initial parameters of the patient’s body, the geometry of her breast, the surgeon selects the most optimal type and size of the implants, and also the way of their installation. There are a huge number of implants, all of them differ in shape, texture, filler and manufacturer company. Let us consider in detail the features of various implants.

The form

An important criterion that actually determines the appearance of the future breast. At the moment, two types of implants are distinguished: round and anatomical (cone-shaped or drop-shaped).

Round implants appeared earlier anatomical specimens. The creation of round implants aims to create a perfectly flat and round gland. However, due to the fact that such breasts are rare, the installation of round implants makes the mammary gland less natural after surgery. This disadvantage becomes especially noticeable when installing large-sized implants. However, if the woman initially has a rounded breast, the implants of the round shape will look natural.

Which Breast Implants Are The Best

Also, the round shape is suitable for women with a broad chest. Often, surgeons advise this form of prosthesis for women with chest deformity or Poland’s syndrome.

Anatomical form. It looks like a cone, it is wide at the base and narrowed at the place where the nipple will later be located

The anatomical form actually repeats the natural form of the breast of women, so a large number of women prefer these implants, especially those that tend to make the breast more natural. Anatomical implant is not always suitable for women with a broad chest.

Natrelle Breast Implant Sizes

Most surgeons install anatomical implants through submammary access or through the areola, and only real professionals are able to qualitatively install anatomical implants through the armpit, using endoscopy.

However, the best way to choose an endoprosthesis is computer modeling and the advice of an experienced plastic surgeon, since one implant in different women can give absolutely different results. For some, it will fit perfectly, but on someone it will look unnatural.


The surface of the implant can be smooth or textured. The textured surface of the implant appeared due to the efforts of manufacturers who want to reduce the risk of implant rejection. The smooth surface of the implant is more mobile and more unnatural for the body.

The first silicone implants led to the formation of fibrosis (fibrous capsular contracture) – sealing the tissues around the foreign body (implant) in the body. The textured surface of modern prostheses with internal tissues of the body is perceived as more natural, as a result, the probability of fibrous capsular contracture is much lower.

By the way, most modern implants have a textured shell. At least, progressive world companies and leading plastic surgeons give preference to it.


Mentor 500cc Implants

When the first manufacturing companies created the first implants, they filled with silicone. However, the absence of a dense shell, which eventually began to flow, gave a negative effect in the form of intoxication of the body. As a consequence, manufacturers began to think about the possibilities of preventing the flow of implants. One way was to seal the shell, and the other was to replace the filler.

First, as an alternative to silicone, saline was used, which does not do any harm to the body. However, implants with saline solution tend to form wrinkles, depressions, evaporation – loss of volume and shape, etc. All this inevitably affects the appearance of the breast.

In addition, these are the most non permanent implants, which lead to the need to replace in 100% of cases, which is assessed negatively due to the undesirability of repeated surgery.

Arion Silicone Implants

Again, the leakage of implants with saline solution after the expiry date also leads to intoxication. The only advantage of these implants is their low price.

A more modern alternative to silicone is a cohesive silicone gel, which, due to its dense structure in combination with a dense shell, not only keeps the shape perfectly for many years, but also prevents leakage.

To date, these implants are the most reliable and durable. Implants with such a filler have a lifetime guarantee.

Choosing Breast Implant Profile

Finally, the most “young” and the most debatable are bioimplants (blue implants). Their peculiarity is filled with saline solution having an aqueous base. As a consequence, this implants lose shape, which is the reason for the reoperation.

In addition, it should be added that these implants are the most expensive. Otherwise, the installation features of these implants are no different from the installation of silicone implants.


Breast size, of course, is what initially encourages women to turn to a plastic surgeon for mammoplasty. As a rule, every woman knows, what size of breasts she or her man wants.

How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon For Breast Augmentation

However, do not neglect the advice of a plastic surgeon and a computer simulation, which allows you to choose the best breasts in each individual case. The size of implants is measured in cubic centimeters and varies from 90 to 740 cm3, with the most common implants is 200 to 300 cm3.


Among the leading manufacturers at the moment, the following companies are producing the implants for breast augmentation: Arion, Cereform, Mentor, Polytech, Eurosilicone, Nagor, McGhan (Allergan). Typically, each clinic offers two or three manufacturers to choose from.

Shelf life

Implants can be filled with various substances, each of which has its advantages. Silicone implants are installed for life and do not require replacement, that is, in other words, manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee for silicone implants. Manufacturers do not give a lifetime guarantee for bioimplants. Each pair of breast implants has its unique serial number and passport, whereby the manufacturer replaces them free of charge in case of damage and replacement.

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