Dr. Thomas DeWire Reviews

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– Persimmon Frost
Dr. DeWire is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about cosmetic procedures; the patient is given realistic expectations based on body type, skin elasticity, lifestyle, etc. It is very important to go into any cosmetic procedure with realistic expectations that will fit with one’s own body characteristics – Dr. DeWire delivers exactly what is expected and his results are simply fantastic. Wonderful sense of humor is a bonus and his down to earth approach is a must-have for any cosmetic surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. DeWire for any cosmetic procedure and would not go to anyone else. I couldn’t be happier with my procedure and I got the results that Dr. DeWire predicted – 12 years later, I still maintain the same exact look and am very, very happy. No patient should every go into any cosmetic procedure thinking that they will look like a picture that the brought in – that’s insane – one is going to look like “oneself”, only enhanced – approach cosmetic procedures realistically. Again, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. DeWire for any cosmetic procedure – one will be happy with the results and glad that they decided to go forth with any procedure that they had been possibly contemplating for a while.

– Mary Taylor
Dr. Dewire did my breast lift and augmentation revision in January of 2011. I had my original implants done in April of 2004 by Dr. Redman. I heard Dr. Dewire was the best. Unfortunately, I heard wrong. I spent $12,000 dollars on this procedure, and now, three years later, I’m having to have this procedure corrected. My breasts are sagging and my right breast looks like that of an eight month old pregnant woman that is getting ready to lactate. My nipples are uneven and definitely not at all close to the same size as they were prior to his surgery. I’ve consulted Dr. Dewire more than once in reference to my dissatisfaction to my procedure and I was told this is the way they are supposed to be. When my procedure was done by Dr. Dewire, my breasts were extremely crooked and now they are extremely low. They do not look at all lifted. I would NEVER go to Dr. Dewire for any procedure. He’s gotten sloppy in his old age. I’m out $12,000 dollars and I’ve got to go through another surgery.

Manika Crews
★★★★★ I love Dr. DeWire, my breasts look amazing. Dr. DeWire makes you feel comfortable and his staff is amazing….

Andrea Feits
★★★★★ Dr. DeWire is hands down the best doctor in Richmond! He is the kindest most compassionate man with amazing skill to match! Everyone at his office is wonderful!

Kelley P
★★★★★ The entire process was absolutely wonderful! All of the staff was so helpful and sweet. They do not treat you like just another patient, they take the time to get to know you and ask about your life. The doctor was very nice, he really pays attention to what you want and the results definitely reflect that. I was so comfortable the entire process, from the consultation to the surgery. I had no worries and completely trusted my doctor. When the surgery date came up I wasn’t nervous at all, I was super confident in him, and coming out of surgery I was hardly in any pain and no nausea. I had a breast augmentation and I healed super quickly. The incisions were perfectly placed in my crease and the scars are healing up nicely one month post op. They are completely symmetrical and perfect! I would not trust in any other doctor!!

Sidney M
★★★★★ Dr. DeWire and his staff have been nothing short of amazing. Dr. DeWire takes his time and does not rush you during initial evaluations or follow up appointments. He has the best bed side manner which you do not find in many doctors. Staff is truly wonderful and make you feel so comfortable. My results are AMAZING and I could not be happier. This procedure was truly life changing. I highly recommend Dr. DeWire to ANYONE!

Erin B
★★★★★ After a consultation with one other surgeon I came to see Dr. DeWire after a referral by a friend. I felt comfortable with him from the start. I reviewed his education and experience and decided to move forward with him. He answered all my questions and was great at putting me at ease. The front desk staff and assistants where also very helpful and friendly.

Rowan Rangel
★★★★★ LOVE the team here! Feel comfortable and at home. They offer feedback and information that helped me make the best decision for body. Could not be happier with the results.

Jackie Goodwin
★★★★★ Dr DeWire and staff were extremely helpful and attentive throughout the entire process! The appointment request was quick and responsive! The front desk staff is always smiling and assists quickly! Dr DeWire explained the procedure and all options and answered all my questions and put me a complete ease before surgery. Post op went very well and healing was right on pace with explanations. I could not be more pleased with my results.

Ginny Russo
★★★★★ I am very satisfied with the level of professionalism and friendliness of Dr. DeWire and the staff. They were very accommodating to work with my schedule, thoroughly discuss any concerns I had, and ultimately produce results I am more than pleased with! Overall they made this procedure a very pleasant experience, and the best I could’ve hoped for! Thank you!

Rene P
★★★★★ My experience was awesome from day one. Dr. DeWire was very patient and answered all questions in a detailed and understandable way on both of my first appointments. Surgery and recovery both went very smooth. Now 3 months later I am in love with my new self thanks to Dr. DeWire.

Claudia Z
★★★★★ every single staff member were so great. very Respectful and helpful. The anesthesiologist and the physician assistance made me feel comfortable.

Jaime Tate
★★★★★ Dr. DeWire gave me the best experience with my surgery from start to finish. I expressed my concerns and hopes for my operation in great detail and he listened! He and his team did a wonderful job. He exceeded my expectations with my final result. I am beyond happy and so grateful to have chosen him as my doctor.