Breast Implant Proportions

Choose breast implant size to create proportion

It is always my goal to create proportion where it isn’t. So implant size needs to be determined by shoulder, waist and hip measurements and by buttock size.

In addition women don’t want to feel their breasts when their arms are at their sides. I have patients wear a sports bra and then try on sizers.

It’s usually pretty obvious which implant looks the best by creating the right proportion. It’s not the number that matters it’s the over all body appearance. (Christopher L. Hess, MD, Fairfax Plastic Surgeon)

How to choose implant size

The key is communication with your plastic surgeon. You need to both be on the same page as to what the goal is.

Having said that, the most accurate way I have found is to measure the base width, (the footprint), of the breast.

I then go to a little chart that gives me the suggested cc’s. I will then take a size above and a size below to the O.R. There is an interaction between the bony structures, the breast, and the implant.

The implant will enhance what you have. The main thing in my practice is proportion.

We take in consideration, height, hips and shoulders to helps us make the right decision for that individual patient. (Jeffrey Roth, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Communication with your plastic surgeon is essential when choosing a breast implant size

I perform about 150 breast augmentation’s per year, and I would say at least 95% of patients are happy with their breast size postoperatively. The key to obtaining good results, is finding out what the patient’s desires are.

Both the plastic surgeon and the patient have to be realistic about what results they are trying to achieve. You have to take into account the patient’s height, weight, age, whether they have children and whether they breast-fed, preoperative breast size and post operative size that they desire.

I also take into account whether a patient has broad shoulders or broad hips. When I ask patients what look they are trying to achieve ,most patients will tell me they want to be “proportionate”. I try to choose an implant size that balances them out. Then again, there are patients who tell me they want to be larger than most women and others that tell me that they just want a little extra ,that won’t interfere with their active lifestyles particularly patients that are heavily involved in running.

Many patients will bring pictures from a magazine to give me an idea. Others will tell me that they saw pictures on my website. We will look at these pictures to get an idea of which patient has photographs of similar results that they hope to achieve.

I also encourage my patients to look at a few of the breast implant search engine websites. On these websites, the physicians will put the patient’s pre-operative cup size and postoperative cup size as well as what size implant they placed. (Joseph M. Perlman, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

How to choose breast implant size? Use new home trial implants sizer system

All of the previous answers are fairly standard protocol and excellent methods to determine breast implant size. The rice test is a way to customize different sizes, however the toe of a stocking is not the ideal diameter for most implants.

Recently, I began using the Purlz Breast Sizing System as an option for patients to try several sizes in their clothes over a period of time. They are lighter weight and less ‘hot’ in a bra. This does cost a little bit extra, but greatly reduces the anxiety in choosing the appropriate implant. Besides that, it is FUN for the patient. (Brian J. Lee, MD, Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon)

A magic mirror of the future

Like yourself, most women are hoping to look proportional, not top-heavy.

The best and easiest way to figure out what size implants you should get for the look you want is to look at pictures of women similar to you in height, weight, chest frame and starting breast volume.

In my office, I have pictures of women from 4’11” to 6’3″ and all different weights. A picture is worth a thousand words – as if you are looking at yourself in a magic mirror of the future.

I keep the implant ccs on each picture so a woman knows what she’s choosing. (Ted Eisenberg, DO, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implants – How to choose a size.

Size is a personal choice. I use a power point presentation to illustrate a range of cup sizes and let the patient tell me what would be her preference.

Sometimes they will bring pictures from a magazine or website to show what they would like. I then take measurements of the chest circumference, chest-breast circumference, and breast width to determine the size implant that would come closest to the result she is seeking.

Usually, the patient is well informed and their goals are reasonable. In my practice there seems to be a trend toward smaller implants with women more involved with fitness and sports. (Henry Wells, MD, Lexington Plastic Surgeon)

The Right Size For You

Determining breast implant size isn’t as simple as picking out a bra. Breast implants are sized in terms of volume (cubic centimeters, or cc), not bra cup size.

There is no rule of thumb for choosing an implant size, and it would be very difficult to select an option on your own, given the variety of breast implants available, as well as various anatomical considerations.

Therefore, it is important to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. Your surgeon will help recommend an implant size for you by factoring in:

  • Your amount of breast tissue
  • The laxity of your breast skin
  • Your height, weight, chest diameter and frame
  • Your desired outcomes

Because implant selection will directly influence the final look of your breasts, your surgeon knows that this decision is of critical importance to you. Your surgeon will take the time to explain available options in order to help you make the choice that is best suited to your body and unique goals.

You can prepare for this conversation by letting your surgeon know what you’d like to change about your breasts, such as adding fullness all-over or just to the upper portion. It can be helpful to bring with you to your consultation photos of women who are the size you’d like to attain. Your surgeon will then show you implants of different sizes, give you time to view the practice’s catalog of before-and-after pictures and will provide the opportunity to try on implant sizers to help visualize the expected results. (Camille Cash, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing implant sizes

Finding the right implant for you is the hardest part about breast augmentation. Certainly there is more than one implants that will ‘fit’, but the goal is to find the implant that you are comfortable with that will best match your particular breast dimensions.

We spend quite a bit of time both measuring your breast and tissue to come up with a range of implants that would work well with you tissue. I also use a computer imaging system to show you an example of how this implant would look after surgery and this seems to help. Most importantly is making sure you are comfortable with what you are seeing either by sizing in the office or using the computer imaging system

. My team and I take the time make sure you have seen and tried on a range of implants so that you see the options. I believe most Board Certified plastic surgeons have a process like this as well. (W. John Bull, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant sizing

Implant sizing is a critical determinant of outcome in breast enhancement surgery. Unfortuantely or fortunately, there is both art and science invloved.

Bra manufacturers are inconcsitstent throughout the industry, so a C cup at one store may fit differently elsewhere.

As such, I recommend that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs a significant number of breast augmentation procedures.

We size patients based on the measurements taken during the examination in the office, using a range of sizers that the patient can place under a sports bra.

Patients are able to size and re-size themselves within the “safe” range that is determined by their individual measurements.

I recommend patients focus on fine-tuning the range between two sizes they are comfortable with (say 325 to 350 ccs) and remember you will typically lose about 10% projection when the implant is actually placed.

I do the same sizing in the operating room while they are alseep which allows me the chance to see what “looks” the best.I them use the best balanced and symmetric implant for each patient individually.

Every surgeon has is/her technique, but this has served me well.(John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Personal preference is the best rule of thumb!

The best way to find the proper size for your breast implants is to use preoperative sizers. Most plastic surgeons will have sizers that you can use in their office. Placing the sizers in an appropriate brassiere with your clothes on will give you an excellent idea of how things might look following your breast augmentation.

Usually my recommendation is to achieve a natural look with breast implants that will give you a proportionate appearance. You need to take into account your general body size and particularly the width of the chest wall and hips. Some petite women may look augmented with even relatively small implants. Larger women may require large implants to achieve even a proportionate look. Tailoring the operation to each individual is the most important aspect of breast augmentation surgery. (Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS, Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon)

Go with breast implant size that fits your proportion

A good plastic surgeon will make you pick the implants, but you should have a chance to try them on before deciding. They shouldn’t recommend a size that is too small, too narrow, too wide, or too large for your body, but you ultimately must pick the fullness that you desire. (Brian K. Brzowski, MD, Ogden Plastic Surgeon)

Breast implant sizing

Many women are concerned about looking large enough, but not looking like a stripper. The technique used for your surgery can help achieve a more natural look. It is very important that you get a size implant that you are comfortable with. In the office, you can place implants in a bra to determine that your surgery will result in a size that you like.

I find that whichever bra size the implant and your breast fill appropriately in the office is the bra size that you will be after surgery. Before and after pictures can help some in choosing between implant size and shape.

But, I think nothing is better than trying the implant in a bra. Your height and frame size effect the overall appearance of the implants to assure they are proportional. That being said, there is a limit to how large an implant that will look good. There are measurements such as breast base and tissue stretch which help determine the range of sizes your body can accommodate. Once these have been determined, a range of implants can be placed in the bra to estimate what it will look like.

In general larger breasts sag more with time. Most patients prefer a size that is full, natural, and will not sag with time. For example, C size breasts usually maintain shape better with time while DD size breasts are extremely likely to sag. (Michael Horn, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)