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Name: Mark Bishara, DDS
Last name: Bishara
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2010
Years experience: 13
Primary Specialty: Dentist
Business: West Bowmanville Family Dental
Address: 2378 Highway #2
City: Bowmanville
State: Ontario
Zip Code: L1C 3K7
Country: CA
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  • U.T.M.B. Galveston
  • Dental: DDS, Schulich School of Dentistry
GPS coordinates on map: 43.6702,-79.38680267

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Location name: Toronto
State: ON
Country: CA
Map point: 43.6702,-79.38680267
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Mark Bishara, DDS

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  • Toronto, ON, CA. GPS coordinates: 43.6702,-79.38680267

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Zirconium vs. Titanium. Which would you recommend?
Titanium versus Zirconia Implants
May 15, 2015
The majority of dental implants placed are made of a titanium alloy which has a post attached to it to help hold the new crown. The implant and the post are usually made of titanium. The post can be set into different angles depending on how the implant was placed to make things even. The post can sometimes be made of zirconium if the implant used is wide enough(strong enough) to sustain a post large enough so that it can take daily pressures of chewing. If the implant used…
4 tooth bridge supported by 2 implants?
How many dental implants needed to support 4 teeth?
Apr 21, 2015
Dental Implants that are required for the replacement of front teeth often vary in number, typically we do not need 4 implants to replace 4 missing teeth. Often there are space issues and placement of 4 implants can cause the implants to be too close to each other. This can make the new crowns and gums appear not natural. We often suggest placement of two implants in the lateral incisor positions and splinting a 4 unit bridge across. The lab technician can mimic the…
Best dental implants for uppers with bone loss?
Enough bone for dental implants?
Apr 13, 2015
Hello, in the posterior upper jaw there are empty spaces known as your sinuses, these empty spaces enlarge over time when you have had teeth removed. We would need x-rays to evaluate the remaining height of bone in the area. In certain situations we need to do a bone augmentation procedure prior to implant therapy. Sometimes we can do the bone augmentaiton and place the implant at the same time. I hope that helps.
Is the technique for placing mini implants different from standard size implants?
Mini Dental Implants
Apr 7, 2015
Mini dental implants are placed in a different technique than regular size implants. We consider mini implants for use in denture stabilization mainly. Since the mini implants are smaller in diameter, we compensate for the diameter by making the implants longer and increasing the number of mini implants we use in a case. As far as placement technique, with a regular size implant, imagine placing a screw into a dry wall. You often do not need to prep the area, often the initial…
Can they rebuild my lower bone so that I can wear my dentures with mini implants ?
Mini Dental Implants
Mar 31, 2015
The nice thing about mini dental implants, is that most of the time the jaw bone in the chin area is the last area affected by shrinkage. Most of the time we are able to place mini implants without any bone augmentation. Mini implants can be placed in areas of minimal jaw bone thickness. To compensate , you must ensure your dentist if they are using mini implants to use at least 4 implants on the bottom jaw. Standard size implants (3mm in diameter and above) need minimum of two…
How much do dental implants cost?
How much do dental implants cost?
Mar 22, 2015
We often get asked how much do implants cost. This is a broad question that does not have a simple answer. An implant replaces a missing tooth or space, the attachment on top of the implant can serve to be a snap on attachment for a denture or replace a missing tooth with a new crown (cap). The difference in the lab components to do this varies greatly.We always recommend an in person consultation to determine the costs of these procedure. Xrays and a visual examination are needed as a…
Pain 30 days after dental implant surgery. Is this normal?
Dental pain after dental implant placement
Mar 17, 2015
Hi, its usual to have discomfort up to 3 weeks later.Do you experience any numbing on your tongue or lip on the side where the implants have been placed?is it only sore if you are wearing your temporary ? it could be that the the temporary needs to be relieved in the area where the implants were placed.

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