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Pain after breast implant surgery

Pain after breast implants is something that many women contemplating the procedure are concerned about,and is also something that is discussed frequently online.

There is much variability among patients, and the typical recovery lies between the two scenarios that you described.

Typically, women have some discomfort for the first couple of days after a breast implant procedure.

This is not incapacitating pain, and can be well controlled with the prescribed pain meds. After 2-3 days, most women are able to transition off the pain meds and use motrin or tylenol instead.

Most women are able to drive after 2-3 days and gradually resume normal activities. There are certainly cases where there is more or less pain. In my practice, the use of long acting local anesthetics minimize the discomfort afterwards.

The use of anti-inflammatories can also help control any discomfort. While there will always be variability in the recovery course, breast implants can be placed with limited and controlled discomfort. with your breasts.

Breast deformity after breast augmentation can be corrected.

It sort off doesn’t matter what you call it. If your breast doesn’t look right, that’s a complication. It sounds like you have “bottomed out”. The good news is that a revision will almost certainly fix this.

Breast implants and weight loss

The right implant size for you depends upon your goals and the quality of your skin. This is impossible to determine without an examination. 650 cc implants are heavy, and will almost certainly further compromise the quality of your skin over time.
I would suggest seeing a surgeon in your area who has experience with gastric bypass patients, and who can discuss your goals with you while assessing your tissues.

You will probably have a nice augmented look from breast implants

I think that the implant that your surgeon has recommended will probably help you achieve your goal of a D cup.

How natural the shape of your breasts will be depends on how much extra skin and settling your breasts have after your pregnancies.

A relatively large implant (such as 550cc’s) will produce some fullness in the upper aspect of the breast, which most women like. This fullness increases with larger implants and with a smaller skin envelope (less loose skin).

The same can generally be said for the crease under the breast. I have found that women who are undergoing removal of old implants and placement of new, larger implants usually need to go up in volume 150 to 200 cc’s to appreciate the difference.
Will you have a natural look? Not entirely, but I think you will have a nice look.

Can I get away without a lift?

Short answer is no. You have II degree ptosis, and generally trying to avoid an uplift while going for bigger implants is, in this situation, a recipe for disappointment.

You could avoid the uplift if your only concern is size, and shape doesn’t matter at all.

Your breasts would sag even more, and you would always have to wear a bra to give them shape and fullness at the top.

Can a plus sized woman get breast implants?

Yes, a plus-sized woman can get breast implants if otherwise healthy, and depending on your goal results, I would recommend you speak with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation and recommendation.

Implant and lungs

NO….the presence of a deflated implant should have nothing to do with a lung problem. If you have any doubt, have a physician listen to your lungs or get a chest X-ray. Whether you replace or remove them is your choice.

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Steam rooms ok

You should not experience any issues with your breast implants by taking a steam. They are well protected. So, enjoy.

Inframammary incisions are not considered “old school”.

Every surgical incision for breast augmentations has advantages and disadvantages. The decision to use an infra-mammary incision for breast enlargements is perfectly acceptable for all the reasons listed in this thread. Tried and tested, infra-mammary incisions offer patients a lower risk for nipple sensory problems and infection, when compared with axillary incisions.

In our practice, we rarely employ any other surgical incisions for implant placement. Second opinions about plastic surgical procedures (and incisions) are best obtained during an appointment with a experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Lift or not? Am I making the right choice?

I’m afraid your PS is not being completely honest with you. The only way to avoid the double bubble with a retro pectoral implant placement is to cut the muscle so the implant can ‘fall’ into place.

This technique will give you large saggy breasts in a couple of years or sooner. You need a lift. Breast implants cannot and will not lift breasts. I would recommend doing the lift first, then adding a small implant to increase volume if you are not happy.

A lift alone using The Horndeski Method (TM) will give you upper pole fullness without an implant or the dreaded vertical scar. ,

Some tuberous breasts can be corrected without implant

Since you are happy with your size, you do not need an implant. If you wanted an implant, I prefer to use the tear drop, anatomic shape.

Dr Adrian Lo Plastic Surgeon

In tuberous breast there is a relative deficiency of the lower pole/lower half of the breast and tear drop implants are great for this since the majority of the implant fill volume is in the lower half of the breast.

I imagine that what you would like to correct is the over-projection of the breast, some call it torpedo breast. This can certainly be done and without an implant. Please make sure you consult with a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who performs a lot of breast surgery.

One way to check this out is to call the office and ask the receptionist what the doctor’s favorite procedure is.


Costs are going to vary from state to state and surgeon to surgeon. However, you never want cost to interfere with quality. It’s important to see a surgeon with the expertise and experience to deliver excellent results.
Below is a link to search for board certified plastic surgeons in your area. Call a few and get a quote.

Size limitation in breast implant surgery

I think the surgeon you have seen has your best interest in mind. You probably have very little breast or skin tissue, and your chest width is most likely narrow.

Technically, placing a DD implant is feasible, but have you thought about the consequences of going so large? An implant which is larger than your anatomy will be very visible and will thin your skin, thus increasing the chance of rippling.

The constant stretch will eventually enlarge your areola. You are also at much higher risk of losing nipple sensation permanently. I hope you will consider the long term effects which are sometimes very difficult to undo and choose an implant which is proportional to your body.

Implant selection

In order to properly size you, you will need to be seen in person. It does look like you might need a lift. Implants alone do not lift breasts to any significant degree.

Periareolar Lift

I would highly suggest a traditional breast lift with a vertical and possibly a horizontal (inverted T) incision with or without implants. A periareolar lift will not give you adequate results based on your amount of ptosis.

Also, for the best overall results, I would suggest an abdominoplasty at the same time.

Prices From Realself:

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  • $8000 – Adrian Lo, MD – Bala Cynwyd, PA – 2018;

Breast Augmentation Prices


  • $5820 – New Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;
  • $6000 – Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;
  • $6020 – Dr. Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;
  • $6120 – Dr. David Watts – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;
  • $6500 – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 1/5 – 2013;


  • $5500 – Dr Adrien Lo – Philadelphia, PA – 2014;
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  1. $6900 – Dr. Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 2/5 – 2017;


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  2. $7200 – 2018;


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  1. $6999 – Dr. Adrian Lo – Rating 1/5 – 2020;
  2. $7500 – Rating 2/5 – 2020;

Breast Implant Revision Prices


  • $7500 – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2019;


  • $7500 – Rating 2/5 – 2020;

Breast Implants Prices


  • $6500 – Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 3/5 – 2009;


  • $5820 – New Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;


  • $6900 – Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – 2016;


  1. $6970 – Adrian Lo, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2018;


  1. $7500 – Rating 5/5 – 2019;

Breast Lift with Implants Prices


  1. $8900 – Dr Lo – Philadelphia, PA – 2015;
  • $9060 – Philadelphia, PA – 2019;

Gynecomastia Surgery Prices


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  • $6499 – Rating 5/5 – 2021;

Lip Fillers Prices


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Liposuction Prices


  1. $8000 – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 1/5 – 2017;
  1. $4500 – Rating 5/5 – 2020;

Mentor Breast Implants Prices


  • $6020 – Dr. Adrian Lo – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;


  • $6900 – Dr Adrian lo – Philadelphia, PA – 2016;

Rhinoplasty Prices


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Scar Removal Prices


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Sientra Breast Implants Prices


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Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery Prices


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Tummy Tuck Prices


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  1. $8000 – Philadelphia, PA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
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  • $9400 – Before – Philadelphia, PA – 2015;


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  • $10100 – Adrian Lo, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2018;