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Breast Implant risks

Breast implants cannot poison you more than can Heart Valves, Pacemakers, Shoulder, Hip or Knee Joints, artificial blood vessels and shunts, Insulin Pumps, etc etc. Breast Implants were MORE extensively studied in our country than any other implant in the history of humanity.

This is NOT an exaggeration. They were studied much more than any of the implants above (which should prove to you just how misplaced our priorities really are. Are breast implants rally more important than artificial heart pumps, defibrillators, hip joins, brain shunts?) Breast implants are man-made devices which have a specific purpose and will last for a certain amount of time (1 day after surgery to as long as 25 years).

They are BY FAR the most common Plastic Surgery procedure in this country and the VAST MAJORITY of women who had breast augmentation state that they would do it again. Among the complications potentially seen with breast implants: Anesthesia complications, bleeding, infection, scar formation around the implant (capsular contracture) and early deflation / leak.

Mastopexy augmentation

I think you definitely need a lift and can get an implant placed at the same time which will increase your volume and upper pole fullness. You will end up with a Breast deformity with an implant alone.

Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery for the appropriate plan and treatment.

Different options exist

There are different degrees of tubular breasts and sometimes an implant alone is a good option. At other times, a type of mastopexy may also be needed. At your age, it is highly likely you will eventually have another surgery on your breasts.

But hopefully, not within 10 years. Implants are man made devices and will eventually break. Many people will quote a 15-20 yr expected average lifespan, but that depends on what studies you use to support your answer.

But you do not ever need to routinely change the implants unless there is a reason to. Tubular breasts can provide a challenge to the plastic surgeon, so choose one with experience in this issue.

Can Breast implants ever feel natural?

YES they can if:

  1. If they are not too big and are in balance to the chest .
  2. If they are placed in an appropriatly sized pocket inthe right spot beneath the breast.
  3. If the right prosthests( saline or silicone) Is chosen depending on existing breast tissue
  4. If Your body responds with a soft capsule.

You should be able to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery. It should not matter what incision your breast implants are placed (underarm, areolar, breast fold)- long-term, you should be able to lactate or produce milk.

During surgery, your plastic surgeon will avoid the milk duct area of your nipple, so the passage for breast milk should be preserved.

Tuberous breasts

Tuberous breasts are narrow at the base. Your breasts have undergone what are consistent with postpartum involutional changes. They were probably much larger when you were pregnant. Now, they have decreased in volume and are ptotic (droopy).

I would recommend a vertical mastopexy and implant. This will lift the breast and add volume to the upper pole. !.

Stop now !

While breast augmentation isn’t a surgery we refuse to smokers, you’ll feel better and quicker if you stop. Coughing after breast augmentation hurts

I am 56 yo with some level of ptosis. I want a breast augmentation, preferably without any lift!

Sorry but a full lift with implants will offer you the best potential results for the anticipated issues!.

Chest Exercise and implants

In general, I ask my patients to keep away from aerobic activities in the first 2 weeks following surgery. Increased activity can increase swelling and hyper-swelling can cause stretch marks. Following this, ‘non-bouncing’ aerobic activity is fine, such as speed walking or cycling, but would like to keep the implants from moving too much until the capsule that forms around the implant has a chance to heal and become stronger.

At 6 weeks, I clear any type of activity. When your implants are under the muscle, the implants can be gradually displaced to the armpit area over a prolonged period of time with a lot of chest exercises.

Textured implants resist this displacement better than smooth, however, it is still possible. If you are worried about this, you may consider to place the implants above the muscle.

Which breast procedure best for me

I feel you need a lift, and would recommend you have the implants placed under the muscle. I also feel that 550cc implants are large for the dimensions you gave.

The facts about breast implants

There are no new earth-shattering developments in implant technology on the horizon. There are two general types of implants and many subtypes. The two main types are saline and silicone. Please remember that this refers to filler material since all implants contain a silicone shell.

The main subtypes are round vs. tear drop shape; and smooth vs. textured. Studies have confirmed the safety of implants in general and specifically the silicone gel implants. The current silicone gell implants contain a “cohesive” gel that may decrease the risk of complications associated with silicone gel implant surgery.

The advantages of saline implants are:

(1) Can be placed through a smaller incision
(2) Can easily be placed through the belly button or armpit avoiding an incision on the breast
(3) Are essentially maintenance free.

The advantages of a silicone implant are:

  1. Slightly more natural feel
  2. With silicone you will need closer follow-up with your doctor.

You will need to get MRIs of the breast which are usually not convered by your insurance and can be very expensive. Most important of all, make sure the doctor you choose is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What can I expect with 225cc breast implants?

The real question is what do you wish to look like, and might the 225cc implant be a correct choice for your surgeon to make. He could be spot on, however be certain that he understands your goal with the look in mind, and your understanding of a natural breast.


What can I do to make my breasts look better after weight loss?

A breast implant DOES NOT elevate or even re-shape breasts. All it does is make them larger. You have your hand up in the photos so when you bring them down, you droopiness is probably more significant.

So, unfortunately, in order to achieve what you want, you will probably need some sort of an uplift and I would also recommend my internal bra lift as well.

How much does an operation cost in 1996:
  1. $3,000 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 1996;

Realself pricing for surgery in 2009:

  • $3,700 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2009;

Pricing for surgery in 2010:

  • $3,500 – Mark Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2010;

Cost of safe breast implants in 2011:

  • $3,600 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2011;

Price of best breast augmentation procedure in 2013:

  • $3,800 – Mark Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2013;
  • $4,750 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2013;

The pricing for operation in 2014:

  • $3,750 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2014;
  • $3,900 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2014;

Price of breast implant operation in 2015:

  • $3,400 – Dr. Mark Clayman – Jacksonville, FL – 2015;
  • $3,700 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2015;

Doctor fee for cosmetic breast surgery in 2016:

  • $4,000 – Mark Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – 2016;

Prices From Realself:

Breast Augmentation Prices


  • $3599 – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 1/5 – 2011;


  1. $4750 – Loren Z. Clayman, M.D – Jacksonville, FL – 2013;


  1. $3750 – Dr. Loren Z Clayman – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  2. $3900 – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 1/5 – 2014;


  • $3700 – Jacksonville, FL – 2015;


  • $3750 – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 1/5 – 2016;


  1. $3750 – Rating 1/5 – 2019;

Breast Implant Removal Prices


  • $3000 – Dr Loren Z Claymen – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 2/5 – 2009;

Breast Implant Revision Prices


  • $4000 – Dr. Clayman – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 5/5 – 2016;

Breast Implants Prices


  1. $3700 – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 5/5 – 2009;

Breast Lift Prices


  • $4250 – Loren Clayman, MD – Jacksonville, FL – Rating 5/5 – 2013;

Tummy Tuck Prices


  1. $5700 – Dr. Claymen – Jacksonville, Fl – Rating 5/5 – 2011;