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Breast implant sizes

If you lift weights, placing the implants underneath the muscle may cause the implants to move every time you workout your chest muscles.

Placing the implants under the skin will avoid this, but you may see the outline of the implants. Either way, it looks like you’re a great candidate for implants. 200-250cc will give you good volume enhancement without looking too big.

Breast asymmetry after breast implants can be corrected.

The truth is that your breasts look quite good after breast implants, but the left breast is a little larger. Wait six months. If it still bothers you, you can have a revision breast augmentation with a slightly smaller implant on the left.

Augmentation without a lift

larger implants might help to fill out the loose skin after weight loss but the patient must be happy with the size of the implants. Another approach is to do a lift and insert smaller implants. Without a proper consult it is not possible to give detailed advice about implant selection, but if you have concerns you could call your surgeon for another discussion, or consider a second opinion.

Saline implant explantation is easier than silicone

Saline implants are generally easier to remove than silicone implants since they require a smaller incision and can be “popped’ and then the shell is removed. Several factors, however, will determine if any thing further will need to be done after the removal.

First, the quality of the skin must be considered to see if the breast will look normal. Second, the size of the implant will be a factor in considering how the remaining breast will retract and naturalize after the removal.

Third, the condition of the scar tissue around the implant must be considered (if the scar is thick, most surgeons will remove it and then place a drain for several days). All of these procedures are almost always done as an outpatient and do NOT require time spent in the hospital, unless your overall medical condition would require otherwise.

Implants that are too big

It is hard to say precisely what might look best on you without measurements, but, I would suggest that 650cc of any style is going to look too big for you.

If you don’t want too much upper pole volume, you likely will need to choose an implant that is closer to 350cc than 650cc. The lower profile will minimize some of the upper pole volume, but a 650 moderate profile implant is really wide in diameter and would be a rather unusual choice for you, in my opinion.

Tuberous Breasts

It appears you do have characteristics of a Tubular Breast appearance. I would recommend a Breast lift and Breast augmentation performed simultaneously. This would reduce the size of the areola, lift the breasts, correct the shape issues and increase the size so that you would be in proportion.

You will be very happy with the results.

Shopping for a bra following surgery.

We generally recommend our patients shop for a bra approximately 4-6 weeks following their procedure. At that point the majority of the swelling should be gone and the breast have started to settle into place.

Silicone Implants – Price

The price of Silicone implants vary. The implants alone cost around 1600 to 2200 depending on the region and arrangements your physician has with the manufacturer. The additional fees include the surgery center, anesthesiologist, and finally the surgeon.

These fees are (at a minimum) proportionate with the cost of living in the region, so you can expect to pay more for implants in exclusive neighborhoods. The professional fees (surgeon and anesthesiologist) will also vary depending on the skill level of the providers.

You certainly can find very inexpensive total packages, but you then have to question where they are cutting corners. Make sure you do your homework, review the credentials of your team, and get a good feeling of the results achieved by your surgeon by looking at their gallery.

Breast implants do not need to be replaced every 10 years unless there is a problem

It is a common misconception that breast implants have to be replaced every 10 years. I have seen patients who have had implants for 50 or 60 years and the implants are fine. Most plastic surgeons only replace breast implants that have a problem such as capsular contraction, an natural looking result, or breast implant rupture.

If your breast implants look good and do not have problems there is no reason to remove them or replace them at 10 years.

Is This a Realistic and Easily Achievable BA Outcome?

Maybe, but over the internet not a good place to start. Best to obtain IN PERSON evaluations from boarded PSs uin your city. My idea would be the Seintra textured silicone shaped high projection plus fat gratis to upper poles.

Dr Drielsma Plastic Surgeon

Is it possible to get a breast reduction, and implants?

Yes it is possible to do both a reduction of your natural breast tissue and augmentation with implants to achieve a different look than with a reduction/breast lift alone. Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this type of reduction/augmentation procedure for an in-person examination and discussion of your desired goals and best treatment option.

Best Breast Implant

While all breast implants used in the US are good implants, the real question is what is the best implant for your particular body configuration, and your needs, wants and desires. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with a frank discussion after an exam will tell you the pro’s and con’s of the different types of implants and you can choose which one is most likely to fit for you with your surgeons guidance based on her or his skill, experience, and judgement.


Don’t focus on the cup size, cc’s your friends/family have had or that you’ve seen in pictures. Try on sizes based on your dimensions (measured at your consult). You will most likely end up ‘waffling’ b/w one or two different sizes, usually only about 25-30cc different in size.

It’s important to realize that the 25/30cc will NOT make you any different in size, and I always recommend that of those 2 sizes, you choose the bigger one of them. If possible, I also go slightly larger than that, by another 25-30cc, as when the implant is placed under all the tissue, it does not appear/look as large as it did on top of your tissue in a bra.

Here’s an example: Suzie tries on implants and likes 300 and 325, but can’t make a decision. My recommendation is to go with the 325 implant, and I will use a 350 implant to achieve that 325 look she liked.

Again, don’t stress on the number or cup size, just go for the look that you like and let the consultants you are working with help you decide. Listen to them and they can help you a lot–most have a tremendous amount of experience and can guide you in the right direction.

Silicone gel implants do look and feel more natural in more patients then do saline. you are a much better candidate for silicone then saline.

Prices From Realself:

Body Lift Prices


  1. $23000 – Dr Drielsma – Bondi, AU – Rating 4/5 – 2011;


  • $10000 – Sydney, AU – Rating 4/5 – 2014;

Botox Prices


  • $455 – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2013;

Breast Augmentation Prices


  • $10000 – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $11275 – Dr Robert Drielsma – Wagga Wagga, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $8500 – Wagga Wagga, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $11000 – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  • $11000 – Wagga Wagga, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;


  • $12000 – Bondi Junction, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2016;

Breast Implants Prices

  • $10000 – Dr Drielsma – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $10375 – Hurstville, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Breast Lift Prices

  • $7900 – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Breast Lift with Implants Prices


  • $7000 – Dr Robert Drielsma – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;

Breast Reduction Prices


  • $14000 – Wagga Wagga, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $8000 – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $14000 – Dr Drielsma – Sydney, AU – Rating 4/5 – 2015;
  • $15000 – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  • $17000 – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;


  1. $10300 – Dr Robertn Drielsma – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2016;


  • $12808 – Dr. Robert Drielsma – Bondi Junction, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $15000 – Rating 5/5 – 2017;

Dimple Surgery Prices

  1. $1500 – Bondi, AU – Rating 1/5 – 2015;

Eyelid Surgery Prices


  1. $15000 – Dr Robert Drielsma – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Facelift Prices


  • $23000 – Dr Robert Drielsma – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Lower Facelift Prices


  1. $22000 – Dr Drielsma – Bondi, AU – Rating 2/5 – 2015;

Rhinoplasty Prices


  • $6999 – Dr Drielsma – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2012;


  1. $10000 – Dr Drielsma Sydney – Sydney, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Thigh Lift Prices


  • $8000 – Dr Robert Drielsma – Australia, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2013;

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery Prices

  • $12000 – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2014;

Tummy Tuck Prices


  1. $15000 – Bondi, AU – Rating 5/5 – 2015;