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Avoiding a “Double Bubble” Breast Augmentation Deformity

The “Double Bubble” Breast Augmentation deformity is the transverse band of the native breast superimposed on the base of the augmented breast. It is the result of the interaction a combination of factors: failure to completely release the old breast fold indentation when making a pocket for the breast implant, significant lowering of the breast fold and or using a larger breast implant.

The condition is NOT related to anything the patient can do but much more to complete obliteration of the original band, as is done in constricted breast conditions, with several radial cuts through the area of constriction.

Discomfort following Breast Augmentation

Pain is always a concern with any type of procedure, especially one that is elective. I always discuss with my patients the fact that pain is completely subjective to the patient.

This means that I could have two patients who have the same procedure, completed in identical fashion, with completely different post-operative pain and discomfort experiences. There are a few things I offer in my practice to help reduce the discomfort following breast augmentation although I always discuss with my patients that it is perfectly normal to feel discomfort and tightness following this type of procedure.

As part of my patients post-operative kit they are provided with ice packs, supplements to help control swelling and bruising, as well as two personally fitted compression garments which all help to reduce discomfort and help ease the healing process.

I also have all of my patients scheduled for a post-surgical lymphatic massage with my on-sight massage therapist at one week post-operative which allows the patient to learn techniques of therapeutic massage they are able to continue at home to help reduce swelling.

Breast Enhancement Scar By Doctor Lars Enevoldsen

I definitely encourage patients to ask your PS what they provide as far as post-operative pain management. My patients fair very well on a prescribed oral pain reliever that they will have at home waiting for them following surgery.

It is important to understand that discomfort is normal although unbearable pain should be discussed with your surgeon as soon as possible. Breast augmentation is handled very well by patients providing a beautiful result with minimal downtime.

I do hope you have found this information helpful and wish you luck

Implant selection

I think that you need to be seen in person but at least from the photos you may only need a circumareolar lift with an augmentation. 13 cms sounds too wide, but I could be wrong.

Doctor Lars Enevoldsen Cosmetic Surgery Breast Enlargement Photo

Areolar incision?

It is difficult to tell without an in person examination, but I would guess that you should be able to use the periareolar incision for implants of this size. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to using this incision, however.

Although this incision may look good in many patients, there are studies that show a higher rate of capsules and contamination. Some breast ducts are divided with this incision and a higher chance of sensory numbness of the nipple may be seen.

Furthermore, if excessive scarring occurs, it can cause a retraction deformity of the area that can be difficult to correct. You should consult with a board certified experienced plastic surgeon.

Treating Breast asymmetry or uneveness

Treating Breast Asymmetry can be frustrating for both physician and patient alike. If often requires more than one surgery. Perfectly even breasts are not possible but less asymmetric breasts is a desireable and realistic goal.

Dr Enevoldsen Before And After Pictures (1)

I have prepared a 4 part teaching video on this problem if you are interested in reviewing some of the considerations in breast asymmetry surgery with implants .

Breast lift vs breast lift with implants

Because of you asymmetry and your nipple position, in my opinion you will not be happy with a breast augmentation alone.

To get you the best result you are probably going to need a breast lift and augmentation.

You should have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who is a member of ASPS and ASAPS. Your surgeon can take measurements and discuss you desired goals. I would caution you that you have asymmetry now and no matter how skilled the surgeon you choose, you will still have some degree of asymmetry after.

Dr Enevoldsen Before And After Pictures (2)

You will be significantly closer, you should have realistic expectations going into your consultation.

Silicone gel pricing not based on size

The cost for silicone gel breast implants is not based on size. It is based on your surgeon’s fee, the anaesthesia, the facility and the implant. The implant can cost more if you use a textured implant vs a smooth one.

Typically, however, no matter what size or type of implant you use, the cost for the actual implant stays the same.

Smoking is a risk, though unlikely to complicate breast augmentation or lift

It is well known that smoking is detrimental to ones health and can cause problems healing after surgery. We advise that those that do smoke to stop at least two weeks before breast augmentation or breast lift, though longer if possible.

breast Implant at Skinfinite Solutions: A Medical Spa

I do know that many of our augmentation or breast lift patients will smoke right on through their procedure and the risk is a relative one. We have seen no ill effects concerning healing or infection, but recovery may be slowed a bit as related to anesthesia or sedation as smokers experience more chest congestion and are more affected by the limitation on coughing and deep breathing right after augmentation.

In short patients do better and we advise that they stop smoking, but we do not require it for these particular procedures. This is not true for all cosmetic procedures and for two in particular, facelift and tummy tuck, the risk from smoking does rise to a critical level.

Experience has proven a higher rate of poor healing and tissue loss for both of these procedures in patients who continue to smoke, and smoking cessation is a requirement. If you can, of course it is best to stop before your breast surgery.

Dr Lars Enevoldsen Plastic Surgeon

Because you are making this investment in yourself you should also consider a smoking cessation program for the long term so you can better enjoy your result and enjoy your life.

Is 290cc too small for the look I want?

You are so petite in ht/wt that the 290cc will probably look very attractive on you. I’m not sure if it will give you a DD but I’m also not sure that large cup size would be attractive on your frame.

You might want to revise your goals and expectations. You can certainly go bigger if you want, however, but no one on this site can give you accurate info on specific implant size without an exam.

Really want to forgo a lift.

Of course the look and the choice is yours and you do not have to have a lift. Actually given the wish for photo you might require a very large implant to get you there and a lift has competing interests as a lift at the time of augmentation can be limited by the skin necessary to accommodate the large implant.

Dr. Lars Enevoldsen Cheap Breast Augmentation Photos Result

A silicone gel in a large size might look and feel better than the saline and you should consider augmentation first, and lift later only if you want to.

Where to insert breast implants: behind or in front of the muscle?

There are many advantages of placing the implants behind the muscle and very few for above. You should be able to have a very nice outcome with properly sized implants placed in a submuscular pocket.

Wanting larger breasts and improved shape

if you want improved shape then a breast lift is an option. If you book a consultation with an experience breast plastic surgeon then can discuss the pros and cons of fat transfer vs. implants.

Prices From Realself:

Body Lift Prices


  1. $23000 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;


  1. $11500 – 2019;

Breast Augmentation Prices


  • $6000 – Dr Lars Enevoldson – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;


  • $5200 – Lars P.Enevoldsen,MD – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $6500 – Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $6500 – Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  • $6000 – Modesto, CA – Rating 1/5 – 2015;
  • $6305 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  • $6799 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  • $7000 – Dr. Enevoldsen – Modesto, IL – 2015;


  • $6250 – Dr. Lars Enevolson – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2016;
  • $6500 – Dr. Lars P. Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2016;


  • $5880 – Dr. Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $6300 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $6499 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – 2017;
  • $6500 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $6500 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $6999 – Dr. Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – 2017;


  • $9999 – Rating 1/5 – 2018;

Breast Implant Revision Prices


  1. $5099 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  2. $5200 – Lars P.Enevoldsen,MD – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;
  3. $7140 – Dr. Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;


  • $6000 – Modesto, CA – Rating 1/5 – 2015;

Breast Implants Prices


Dr. Lars Enevoldsen Silicone Breast Implant Surgery Photos

  • $5500 – Dr. Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2013;


  1. $7140 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;


  1. $5700 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  2. $6305 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2015;
  3. $7000 – Dr. Enevoldsen – Modesto, IL – 2015;


  • $6500 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2017;
  • $7500 – Modesto, CA – Rating 0/5 – 2017;

Breast Lift with Implants Prices


  • $10000 – Lars Enevoldsen, MD – Rating 5/5 – 2018;
  • $9999 – Rating 1/5 – 2018;

Cellfina Prices


  • $3600 – Modesto – Rating 5/5 – 2018;


  • $3850 – Rating 3/5 – 2019;

Mentor Breast Implants Prices


  1. $5500 – Dr Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – 2015;
  2. $6700 – Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – 2015;


  • $6250 – Dr. Lars Enevolson – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2016;

Mommy Makeover Prices


  • $20000 – Dr Lars Enevoldsen – Modesto, CA – 2015;

Tummy Tuck Prices


  • $5800 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2014;


  • $13000 – Dr. Enevoldsen – Sacramento, CA – Rating 4/5 – 2016;


  • $15000 – Rating 1/5 – 2017;

Tummy Tuck Revision Prices


  1. $10000 – Modesto, CA – Rating 5/5 – 2015;