How To Choose Silicone Implant Size?

Computer Imaging is Very Helpful in Determing silicone implant Size

If you are considering breast augmentation it is very important that you consult with a surgeon who is experienced in all types of cosmetic breast surgery.

It’s also very important that your surgeon listens carefully to your specific goals and take into account the current dimensions of your breasts, the skin envelope, and any differences in size or shape.

Additionally, it’s important that all of this be considered in the total context of your body habitus. In my practice, you would have a lengthy consultation and undergo 3D computer imaging.

This is a revolutionary type of imaging where you can get a glimpse of how you will appear later. After your three-dimensional photograph is taken, different size implants can be added and evaluated.

This gives you the opportunity to preview how you may look after the procedure is over. In addition to that, we offer external sizing silicone implants.

These are specially made and contoured sizing silicone implants. They are put between your breast and your bra.

The patients also find this very helpful in helping choose the right size and shape for themselves. (John J. Edney, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone breast implant sizing tips and tricks

In order to determine what’s best for you, you need to find a surgeon with whom you can comfortably communicate your goals.

Once that is achieved, then special sizers can be used in the doctor’s office to get a good approximation of what may make you happy.

The best thing to do is to come with a non-padded bra in a cup size that you would ideally like to fill. That can be used to hold the gel filled sizers.

I also find it best to come with a tighter fitting shirt or tank top to put over the bra and sizers so you can see what your frontal and profile views may look like in clothing. If you are one to have doubts about making a quick decision, then I strongly recommend purchasing the Natrelle Pre-consultation Kit online and do the sizings at home. You can place them in a bra and try on different outfits for weeks. What some women find is that they think they like a conservative size at first, but once they get used to seeing a larger size, they end up more confident in choosing the next size up.

Obviously, measurements and physical examination will then play into the implant profile type (low, medium, or high) that will best fit your frame.

Also, reviewing before and after photos matching a similar pre-op photo with a result that you like will also give your surgeon a good idea as to what silicone implant will achieve the look that you want. (Deborah Pan, MD, New Haven Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone implant volume is only part of the answer

There are many factors that go into selecting the appropriate implant. Volume is only one of these factors. Every patient has a differently shaped rib cage, a different breast shape and different goals. Each of these components has implications on the appropriate silicone implant size and shape. The most important factor in obtaining the result that you want is finding a qualified plastic surgeon that you are able to talk to. Having good communication will allow you to express your goals clearly to your surgeon and will allow them to discuss the factors that they are considering to achieve these goals. Finding the right balance of “enough, but not too much” takes a lot of work from both the surgeon and the patient. It is very worth working to find the right surgeon to take on this challenge with you. (Emily A. Williams, MD, Spokane Plastic Surgeon)

Deciding on silicone implant size

Sizing of breast implants depends on the size of the chest width and the desired effect as well as how much sagging, if any, is currently present. Normally, the surgeon will measure the dimension of the hemi-chest and pick a size that will fit comfortably in this area with about a 1cm margin on all sides.

Other decisions such as using high profile implants will depend on the skin thickness as well. (Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Silicone implants sizes are best selected by the patient.

In order to not over, or under, augment women, we have our patients select the implant sizes in front of a mirror in try-on bras at the time of consultation.

This gives the patient an idea not only of size but also of the weight of their breasts after an augmentation. The choice of size and shape takes a little time and sometimes a second visit before surgery to confirm the patient’s selection.

This all but eliminates, in our practice, the problem of patient remorse about size after her surgery. (Douglas J. Raskin, MD, DMD, Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing the Correct Implant Size

Choosing the correct implant size is the most important decision you make after you decide that breast augmentation is something you wish to pursue.

Because no surgeon can see with accuracy what you imagine as your desired result, you must be open and frank with your surgeon during your consult and make it clear what you want your final results to be.

In my office, this includes “trying on” silicone implant sizers in a special bra and spending ample time in front of the mirror until you see what you want to see.

Although this is not a perfect approach, I have an extremely high rate of satisfaction with this technique (no size changes or patient remorse in over ten years). Your surgeon should also help you choose a size that fits your body measurements to keep your final results looking natural. (Brian Howard, MD, Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon)

Choosing the right silicone implant size can be tricky

When considering breast implant surgery, there are 4 basic questions that need to be answered:

  1. What type of implant (saline vs silicone)
  2. Placement above or below the muscle
  3. Location of the scar
  4. Size of the implant

The most difficult choice is definitely choosing the size of the implant. This process should not be rushed into and there are multiple modalities to assist you. The first is to look at multiple before and after photos of other women “who are built like you”. Then trying on sizers in front of a mirror with a variety of different clothing choices is necessary. Your plastic surgeon should also obtain photographs and detailed measurements of your breast/chest to help in determining the right implant style and size.

It is also helpful to talk to other women who have undergone the procedure, but remembering that everyone is built differently, and everyone has different expectations. A basic rule of thumb is the cup size increases for every 200 cc’s of volume in the implant. So, if you are an A cup to start with, a 200 cc implant should make you a B cup, a 400 cc implant a C cup and a 600 cc implant a D cup. Also, remember that bra sizes are not consistent and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The choice of silicone implant size should be made not on the final cup size desired, but on the desired appearance of the breasts after the procedure. If your plastic surgeon does not help you with the implant size choice, then obtain another opinion from a different board certified plastic surgeon who performs breast implant surgery frequently. (David Finkle, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Big Sizing

Big sizing tops the list of concerns for patients before surgery. It is very indiviualized and relies not only on preferences but on your physical exam. What ever implant you choose should match your chest size. There are different profiles of implants to allow you more volume if you have a narrower chest or looser skin.

However, in the end your body habitus – chest size, ht, wt, skin tone, breast dimensions – will play as big a role in your ultimate implant size as your desires do. Going beyond what your body and skin can tolerate will significantly increase your chance of having a less than ideal outcome.

Staying within your body’s limitations and addressing your own desires about big size will ultimately lead to a happier outcome. Your surgeon will take measurements during your intial exam which set the boundries of what is possible for your body type.

That is a great way to get a good result. Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. (Bahram Ghaderi, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Go to an experienced Board certified plastic surgeon (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) and have a full consultation with evaluation.

It is important to pick the correct size implant based on what fits your body best. The width of your chest, and the original size of breast are two large factors. If you have a small chest and a minimal amount of skin and breast tissue to work with, then the augmentation should not be so drastic that your body cannot physically accommodate it.

It is much easier to decide all of this with the help of your surgeon, and also a range of different implants to “try on”. I always have my patients “try on” implants with a bra and fitted shirt to get a better idea of what works best for them. (Gregory A. Wiener, MD, FACS, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Size of implants

Every woman has an idea of how she would like her breasts to look. I would suggest finding a board certified plastic surgeon, and discuss what sizes would fit your shape and size.

Most surgeons use “sizers” to allow you to try on sizes and see what you like. Your surgeon can also suggest what size would be best for your height and frame and the amount of breast tissue you have. (Connie Hiers, MD, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

What size implants will be best for me?

In order to determine proper breast implants size for you you should seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. The correct size will have to do with your own body/breast shape and size, your desired breast size, and guidance from the plastic surgeon you consult with.

I use VECTRA imaging in my office. VECTRA is a 3d imaging system that allows patients to visualize their own body with any size implant in place. Best of luck to you. (Terrence Higgins, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

What Size?

I have patients pick their own size during the consultation, because there are no standards to bras or women’s clothing.

You do not fit in the same dress size, different dresses fit differently, it depends on who makes the dress. The same is true for different Bra Manufacturers, what 3 different people think a c cup is could actually be three different sizes.

So in my practice I have a sizing system: the patients put on a bra and T shirt and they go larger until they pick their own size.

I feel then it’s my job after to advise you if it is appropriate to fit that in your breast/skin envelope. This way you pick the size, you get the look you want and get what you pay for. (Michael Constantin Gartner, DO, Paramus Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation.Choose the right size

The new breast size after breast augmentation surgery depends on the size of the breast before the surgery,the dimensions of the woman’s chest,the desire of the woman,the type of lifestyle.

During the consultation with your plastic surgeon you need to show him some pictures of breast you like and your Doctor after making the necessary measurements will try to use some sizers under a firm t-shirt in order to take an idea of your new breast infront of the mirror.This is a useful guide your plastic surgeon to understand what size you would like. (Nodas Kapositas, MD, Greece Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Sizes

When choosing breast implants, it is important to choose a breast implant that will fit your chest dimensionally well. Breast implants come in different profiles. The sizes of the implants will vary depending upon the profile. The lower the profile, the less the volume and the smaller your size. The higher the profile, the greater the volume which will give you a larger cup size. Larger implants on a woman with a smaller frame can make one look top heavy.

Consult your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can help you determine which implant size and profile will fit your frame best to achieve the desired results. As a general rule of thumb, a 325cc-375cc implant will bump you up two cup sizes. (Christopher J. Morea, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implant Size Choice

A personalized choice is what matters. There are lots of implant sizes, shapes, and options. There are two major factors that drive your choice. The 1st is the look you want to achieve. The 2nd is what your anatomy will allow. Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and make an appointment so they can help guide you to your best outcome. An experienced surgeon can take what you want and help make the final choice with you based on your anatomy.

It may seem a little stressful at first but most of my patients find the selection process to be fun. Good luck on your search. (Mary Lee Peters, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)