Plastic Surgeon Doctor Geldner in Chicago, Illinois

Name: Peter D. Geldner, MD
Last name: Geldner
Began aesthetic medicine in: 1990
Years experience: 30
Primary Specialty: Plastic Surgeon
Business: The Geldner Center
Address: 680 N Lake Shore Dr.
Address suite: Ste. 1325
Phone: (773) 530-3772
International phone number: +17735303772
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Zip Code: 60611
Country: US
Additional Address: 2425 West 22nd Street, Suite 200
Oak Brook, IL 60523

908 N. Elm Street #314
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521
Statement: Leading the charge in life-changing enhancement and progressive, patient-focused care, Peter D. Geldner, M.D. is one of Chicago’s master plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL. Over 28 prestigious years in the field and specializing in cosmetic surgery.
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Clinical Privileges
  • Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  • Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  • Undergraduate: BA, Johns Hopkins University, 1979
  • Medical: MD, University of Wisconsin, 1983
Postdoc Training
  • Residencies:
  • General Surgery, University of Chicago, 1985
  • General Surgery, University of Chicago, 1987
  • Plastic Surgery, Wayne State University, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1988
  • Plastic Surgery, University of Texas, Medical Branch, 1990

Peter D. Geldner, MD

Member of
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
Board Certification
Peter David Geldner (ABMSUID -288149)
Viewed: 7/31/2008
Day of birth:

Status: Alive
Certification: American Board of Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery – General

Status: Certified Active Lifetime Initial Certification 11/12/1993 –
Education 1983 MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Location: 680 N Lake Shore Dr Ste 1325Chicago, IL 60611-8701 (United States)

GPS coordinates on map: 41.8795,-87.6242981

Primary location
Location name: Chicago
State: IL
Country: US
Map point: 41.8795,-87.6242981
  • Abdominal Etching
  • African American Rhinoplasty
  • Areola Reduction
  • Arm Lift
  • Asian Rhinoplasty
  • Body Lift
  • Botox
  • Botox for Gummy Smile
  • Botox for Hyperhidrosis
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Fat Transfer
  • Breast Implant Removal
  • Breast Implant Revision
  • Breast Implants
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with Implants
  • Breast Reduction
  • Brow Lift
  • Buccal Fat Removal
  • Butt Lift
  • Chin Liposuction
  • Chin Surgery
  • CoolMini
  • CoolSculpting
  • Cryolipolysis
  • Dermapen
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Ear Surgery
  • Emsculpt
  • Eye Bags Treatment
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift
  • Facelift Revision
  • Facial Fat Transfer
  • Forehead Lift
  • Gynecomastia Surgery
  • Injectable Fillers
  • Inverted Nipple Surgery
  • Juvederm
  • Labiaplasty
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Liposculpture
  • Liposuction
  • Liposuction Revision
  • Lower Facelift
  • MACS Facelift
  • Male Tummy Tuck
  • Mentor Breast Implants
  • Microneedling
  • Mini Lift
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Natrelle Breast Implants
  • Neck Lift
  • Nipple Reduction
  • Nipple Surgery
  • Nonsurgical Facelift
  • Nonsurgical Nose Job
  • Nose Surgery
  • Panniculectomy
  • Photofacial
  • Radiesse
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Salicylic Peel
  • Sculptra Aesthetic
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • SkinPen
  • SMAS Facelift
  • Strattice
  • TCA Peel
  • Thigh Lift
  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Tummy Tuck Revision
  • Ultherapy
  • Vaser Liposuction
  • VI Peel
  • Volbella
  • Vollure
  • Voluma
  • Wrinkle Treatment

RealSelf Info

  • Professional Recognition:
  • Former President, Chicago Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Appearances in numerous publications and media outlets including ABC, Fox News and NBC
  • Several Castle Connolly publications
  • Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Rating: 4.7
Profile views: 64334
Answer count: 539
Review count: 59
Anonymous votes: 1
Offer count: 4
Profile created: Nov 17, 2007
Profile modified: Jul 3, 2020
Profile promotion: Yes
Profile inactive: No
Premier status: Premier
Tier: Pro
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RealCare Promise: Yes
Directory link: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
RealSelf’s PRO: Yes
Is Top Doctor: 1
Doctor Designation Start Time: Apr 22, 2020
Doctor Designation End Time: Jul 22, 2020


  • Chicago, IL, US. GPS coordinates: 41.8795,-87.6242981
  • Glenview, IL, US. GPS coordinates: 42.0787,-87.8164978
  • Highland Park, IL, US. GPS coordinates: 42.1817,-87.81060028
  • Naperville, IL, US. GPS coordinates: 41.7859,-88.14730072
  • Northbrook, IL, US. GPS coordinates: 42.1274,-87.83889771

Last ratings of treatments

  • Lip Augmentation (Jun 2020) – 4/5
  • Breast Augmentation (May 2020) – 5/5
  • Breast Augmentation (Jul 2014) – 5/5
  • Botox (Apr 2020) – 5/5
  • Laser Liposuction (Apr 2020) – 5/5
  • Inspira Breast Implants (Nov 2017) – 5/5
  • Breast Augmentation (Jan 2020) – 5/5
  • Breast Implants (Jul 2013) – 4/5
  • Botox (Dec 2019) – 5/5
  • Breast Reduction (Oct 2018) – 5/5
  • Brow Lift (Nov 2019) – 5/5
  • Breast Augmentation (Oct 2019) – 5/5
  • Breast Implants (Oct 2019) – 5/5
  • Breast Augmentation (Jul 2017) – 5/5
  • Facelift (Jun 2017) – 5/5

Last Prices

Tummy Tuck Prices

  • $15000 – Jan 27, 2017 – Chicago, IL

Last Prices

Lip Augmentation Prices

  • $430 – Jun 11, 2020

Last Prices

Breast Augmentation Prices

  • $8290 – May 22, 2020
  • $7700 – Jul 15, 2014 – Chicago, IL
  • $8250 – Jul 28, 2017 – Chicago, IL

Last Prices

Inspira Breast Implants Prices

  • $7000 – Nov 21, 2017 – Chicago, IL

Last Prices

Facelift Prices

  • $12000 – Jan 9, 2018 – Chicago, IL

Last Prices

Breast Implants Prices

  • $9000 – Jul 26, 2013 – Chicago, IL
  • $6500 – Oct 2019 – Chicago, IL

Practice Locations

Name & Website
The Geldner Center – Chicago,
680 N. Lake Shore Dr.Ste. 1325, Chicago, Illinois, US, 60611 (GPS coordinates: 41.894531,-87.6166312)
Working Hours
Mon: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tue: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Wed: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Thu: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sat: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Created / Modified
Mar 28, 2017 / Oct 24, 2019
Name & Website
The Geldner Center Hinsdale,
12 Salt Creek LaneSte. 315, Hinsdale, Illinois, US, 60521 (GPS coordinates: 41.8193285,-87.9226122)
Working Hours
Mon: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tue: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Wed: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Thu: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Created / Modified
Mar 28, 2017 / Jan 10, 2020

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Natrelle Offer
Aug 15, 2018 /
Dec 31, 2020
Bonus Treatment for You and a Friend by Natrelle: When you select any Natrelle gummy implants for breast augmentation. Choose one of the following complementary treatments or products: Botox or Coolsculpting
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$750 off FaceLift
Oct 23, 2013 /
May 17, 2033
$750 off FaceLift
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$100 off CoolSculpting
Oct 23, 2013 /
May 17, 2033
$100 off CoolSculpting
Specific treatments

$500 off Breast Augmentation – Mention RealSelf
Oct 23, 2013 /
May 17, 2033
$500 off Breast Augmentation – mention RealSelf
Specific treatments

October Savings on Breast Enhancement Surgery
Oct 4, 2012 /
Oct 31, 2012
Call our office today for special savings on Breast Enhancement Surgery during the month of October.
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Doctor's answers

Answer Header & Date
Answer Snippet
Looking into breast enhancement. Currently 30C just want more plumpness and width. What would be t
What is the best size implant for you
Apr 29, 2020
Thanks for your question and photos. Deep down inside, all women seeking breast augmentation have an idea of how they want to look. Our job is to figure out what is that magic answer. I begin with sizers that allow you to see what a specific volume will do for you. We then use a three dimensional photographic simulation system to show what specific implants do to your shape. Simply put, you know it when you see it. But we need some guidance from you. It's an educational process that helps ...
Follow-up question: What are your size recommendations for me (petite, 5ft, 100lb)?
Your size recommendations
Apr 29, 2020
Thanks for your questions and photos. I am struck by one feature in your wish photos. All the patient have great cleavage. That means that the width of the implants are wide enough to fill the space from the outside edge of you breasts to where you want them to be. The implant sizes you mention are the SSF implants (full profile), not the SSX (ultra high profile). Without knowing all your measurements, I don't want to speculate if the cleavage will be what you seem to like. It seems like...
Can tuberous breast retain the fat cells after a fat transfer?
Fat trabreastnsfer for a tuberous breast
Apr 29, 2020
Thank you for your question. I want to break down your issues a little. If you want a bit more volume to either or both breasts, fat transfer works well; so do implants. If you want to make the shape better, I doubt that fat transfer will do much, either will implants. Not all tuberous breasts are the same. They differ in size and shape between patients and sometimes differ in the same patient. The best solution for shape change is a lift of one type or another, depending on the details. S...
Do you think I would be approved for excess skin removal by insurance?
Does insurance cover abdominal skin removal ?
Apr 29, 2020
I would love to give you a simple answer, but I can not. Different insurance carriers have different rules about coverage of particular procedures. If you have persistent rashes below the fold, insurance should cover at least the removal of the excess skin, though not a true tummy tuck. Some insurance companies disagree. I would suggest that you see a board certified plastic surgeon (that accepts you insurance) and discuss your options. Best of luck.
Can I get wish picture results or make them perkier with fat transfer?
What can Fat Transfer do for breasts?
Apr 29, 2020
Thanks for your question and photos. Fat transfer is a great tool for adding fullness to specific parts of your breasts. It can cover the step-off of implants and correct some asymmetry. But expecting too much from this technique is a mistake. Perkiness is generally a description of nipple position at a higher breast location. Fat transfer will not likely do that. It can fill the hollowness at the top of your breasts, but the change is modest. Your wish pictures are clearly augmented. Fat...
How do you know if I need a tummy tuck?
Is a Tummy Tuck really necessary?
Apr 26, 2020
Thanks for your question and photos. Based on your history of three pregnancies, I suspect that you have loose skin on your abdomen. So though not necessary, a tummy tuck would likely give you a better result than a liposuction alone. I prefer to use Vaser ultrasonic liposuction which does demonstrate some degree of skin shrinkage. But on balance, the tummy tuck is your best choice.
I have 2 scars from giving birth via c section (horizontal & vertical). Can a tummy tuck help?
Will a Tummy Tuck remove two C-section scars
Apr 26, 2020
The answer to your question is: it depends. With a tummy tuck, we remove skin in the lower abdomen. If your skin is loose enough, yes, the scars will be removed. If you do not have enough loose skin in your lower abdomen, the vertical scar would likely be lower, but some could still be there. My suggestion is to seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. They will be able to tell you what result you could likely receive.
How safe is TissuGlu for a tummy tuck?
Apr 26, 2020
I do not use TissuGlu. That isn't to say that I wont, but as of now, I'm not that interested. Though It has substantial promise as an adjunct to drainless abdominoplasty, roughly one quarter of patients could require insertion of a drain at a later time. Most of my abdominoplasties also involve liposuction in a technique described as lipo-abdominoplasty. I would not use TissuGlu in that setting. Even progressive tension suturing techniques may result in seroma formation. As much as we try to...
Could I get a gastric bypass if I am 5'4 and 215lbs?
Gastric bypass candidate
Apr 14, 2020
Thank you for your excellent question. One of the most important numbers in determining candidacy for a gastric bypass (or sleeve) is your BMI. Your's is 36.9. That classifies you as obese. If you were in the US, insurance coverage depends on the criteria of your specific insurance plan. You could opt out of insurance coverage and do the procedure as a self pay. In GB, it depends on what the NHS says. I am not aware if a self pay option exists for you. I would contact a bariatric center in ...
Does Aspen Ultrasound help with grade ll capsular contracture?
Aspen Ultrasound
Apr 14, 2020
Thanks for your question. Some surgeons believe that the Aspen ultrasound works to improve capsular contracture. Some do not. It's a very interesting possibility. Surgeons who have the system are strong advocates and back up their claims with some data. Others are not so convinced. Stay tuned!
Does a tummy tuck without muscle repair look the same as one with muscle repair?
Muscle repair with a Tummy Tuck
Apr 14, 2020
Thanks for your questions. Congratulations on your weight loss. But it's important to know how tall you are and how much you weigh. Generally speaking, a tummy tuck with a muscle repair looks better than one without it. But that ignores the most important question: can you realistically have a muscle repair? I can only speak for myself, but some patients have a very full abdomen which would do poorly with muscle repair. You cannot tighten that which is already tight. What if you do a t...
Would I be a good candidate for tummy tuck and lipo? I'm 5'2, 217 lbs, and have PCOS.
PCOS and abdominal recontouring
Apr 10, 2020
PCOS is extremely difficult to treat. You need the help of your physician regarding medication which may help. Bariatric surgery is also an option if your weight cannot come down. The generally accepted BMI for your preferred operation is 30. That means a weight of about 165 pounds. Moving forward with cosmetic procedures before you tackle your weight issues is a poor option.
During a tummy tuck operation can a surgeon elect not to lipo a fatty area above the belly button?
Liposuction of the abdominoplasty flap
Apr 10, 2020
Different surgeons have different opinions. Some are quite conservative, some less so. What is however obvious is that you should know what they are going to do before the start of surgery and what that means. I am hard pressed to come up with reasons to change this operation during the operation. With some procedures, unexpected findings could change what we do, with liposuction during abdominoplasty, not so much. Transparency is important.
I have a breast augmentation Friday. I am currently a 36B and I’m getting 600cc implants. What bra
600 cc cup size increase
Apr 10, 2020
Thanks for your question. Generally speaking, 600 cc should increase you bra size by three to four cups. It will be larger at first and gradually subside. Best of luck!
If I get a Vagus Nerve Stimulation implant, will I still be able to get plastic surgery in the fut
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Implants
Apr 10, 2020
Thank you for this most interesting question. As a disclaimer, I have never performed a surgical procedure on anyone who has a vagus nerve stimulation implant; not that I wouldn't, it just hasn't come up. I can say that with most, if not all implantable electronic device, such as pacemakers and implantable defibrillators, a sterile magnet can be used to put the device into a default mode to avoid extraneous electronic input. Speaking to your psychiatrist could clear that question up. Without...

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